Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)



Is there any ETA on PC accessible Web Interface and RTSP?, are there still any plans to implement these?


I don’t know of any specific plans, but I can tell you this is the most frequently requested integration after those that have already been implemented.


Does a web/progressive/responsive app fall in the same most-frequently-requested category as a direct web interface to the device?

Yes to all of these things. Please please please…




Hello, I am very interested in browser viewing and RTSP without using custom firmware. This would make the camera very competitive against the other markets. Please add RTSP!!!


I don’t have any detailed knowledge of the development road map, but I can tell you that RTSP is the most requested integration and is definitely being considered for future development. I’ve added your vote to it to Wyze’s feature request tracker. On the other hand, Wyze has not plans to develop a web interface due to security concerns.


> Wyze has no plans to develop a web interface due to security concerns.

Respectfully, and not aimed at you RickO, this is weak sauce. Other vendors have secure web apps that allow for viewing cameras remotely. That statement basically says that the Waze engineers aren’t confident in their ability to build a secure app - which is terrifying.



To be fair, the “security concerns” statement was my interpretation. Could be wrong. There could be other reasons. But my sense is it’s not happening anytime soon.


RTSP would help ease the pain of not having to fully rely on custom firmware / the lack of no web interface.


Would be nice to have RTSP with the official firmware, I don’t like using openipc or Xiaomi-Dafang-Hacks as I would like to keep the app usage, as well as integrate into my current DVR setup.


See this:



Glad to see this is now on the Radar. Currently I had to uses a hacked firmware because the storage option would crap out with no warning. Example, The camera with the Wyse Firmware just stopped recording to the memory card. It took a reboot of the unit to get the video. Od part was that LIVE viewing was working without issues.


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Oh hey, we can vote now :slight_smile:


RTSP is a valuable feature that I would love to see added.

It would enable others, and eventually yourselves, to develop a web interface to view multiple cameras at once, from a single web browser on a desktop computer. And that would allow me to finally replace several hundred analog cameras with WyzeCams for my customers.


The audience for this post is intended to be people who are interested in how their camera is connected. You may have read posts from people asking for RTSP support, and wonder why it is such a big deal. The Real Time Streaming Protocol was design to allow a stream of media to be managed across the web. It can encode and transmit data in a variety of formats, and it is an internet standard. The great thing about internet standards is that anything that supports the standard can use it. There is a “higher” standard than this called ONVIF, but for now I just want to explore RTSP.

Out of the box, the Wyze Cam products offer an excellent user experience. They are easy to configure and easy to use. They allow someone to configure each camera using an app on their phone and connect the camera to their local router, view and manage images and video stored on a local Micro SD card, and manage a rolling set of clips stored on a free Amazon Web Services area.

Wyze Cam management via phone app

It is excellent. Reliable, cheap, and has a passionate and dedicated staff to support the system.



There are a number of users who would appreciate RTSP support. There are several reasons for this. Some people may have a network video recorder, some people may not want their video streams going out to the cloud. At the moment, the only way to get an RTSP feed on a Wyze Cam is to install unsupported third party firmware, and doing this means no more support from the wonderful Wyze Cam team. This is why so many support requests feature RTSP.

All these internet protocol cameras (or IP cams) on the market have a little web server in them. When you power them up, most feature the same process that Wyze Cam uses - they beep and / or talk to you, you point the camera at a QR code, and then the camera picks up your wifi details and connects. This provides the simple but robust user experience that we know and love. Users of RTSP - and users of older IP cameras - are used to directing their web browser at the address of the camera, logging in to an administration web page on the camera, and then adjusting the settings. It’s not such a simple interface, but it can be friendly. If you’ve ever logged in to your home router you will be familiar with the experience.

When Wyze Cam update their firmware to include RTSP support, the user will log in via the web page, turn on RTSP support, and then test the connection. Once they are able to view the RTSP stream they can do whatever they want with the RTSP feed.

Wyze Cam management via RTSP

This is the key point - with an RTSP stream, you can do whatever you want with anything that supports it. You could connect your stream to, for example:

As Wyze investigate if this is possible, they might discover that enabling RTSP comes at the cost of managing the camera via an app, and that it can only be done via a web page. The users who want RTSP support are very likely to be okay with this. It might even be the case that Micro SD card recording will be disabled, and this will be fine, too. What is required is a means to capture the network stream in an RTSP format. Programs like Netcam Studio and Blue Iris often have a lot of features, such as Timelapse, Motion Detection, Watermarks, 180 degree flips, and other features. This is why just a stream would be enough for most people who want RTSP support.

I personally use Netcam Studio. I make sure my current cameras are not connected to the internet, but just to my home server. I can then view my cameras by logging in to the Netcam Studio home interface.

In summary, I hope this post goes some way to explain in relatively simple terms why RTSP support gives flexibility.


If I am reading this correctly, once you go to RTSP you would no longer need to have an app on your phone or iPad/tablet, nor need the SD card. Correct?

What about those of us who have cameras at two locations or travel a lot. How would we see our cameras?



I have a small home server that is always on in my house. It runs Netcam Studio. This bit of software, like many similar products, acts as a Network Video Recorder. I can configure it for motion detection, timelapse, and even full video recording. It will record video to the hard drives attached to my home server. I have full control over these clips, and can even set up jobs to copy the clips to cloud storage if needed. If I want to view the results, I log into the web on my home server to view them.

I can view this web page on my phone. Netcam Studio also have a mobile application which links to your local server.

If you use RTSP, you may no longer need to use the Wyze app on your phone. You may no longer need to use the SD card.

I can view my cameras in any area by logging into the web interface for my application. If I had cameras at two separate location, I would have to log into two separate Netcam Studio web pages. However, if I had that issue, I might research a way to combine RTSP feeds across the internet. I don’t want my cameras to be streaming across the internet - I am happy to allow myelf access to Netcam Studio which manages my streams.

Happy to answer any other questions.


@deanwsmith If you want RTSP, why don’t you just flash an alternate firmware to the Wyzecam (OpenIPC). There isn’t much firmware space for Wyze to do too much and adding, would likely disturb what is currently working for most. Or just use a camera that already supports RTSP.


Well, yes - but I’d still like it officially supported.


I, for one, would appreciate RTSP support. RTSP would allow me to connect my cameras to my MotionEye server so I could view them through any web browser along with my other non-Wyze cameras. I think it would make an already great little camera useful for many other purposes.