Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)


This is so dumb. Just open an RTSP port on the camera with the same firmware. Not hard.


Tell me how do I can:

Url stream?

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I voted that I “didn’t like it” but I really don’t like the way the questions is posed. Yes I would like ANY rtsp added to the camera and I would settle for less features and having to manually flash them (Are you taking back any bricks?) but what I don’t like in this solution the most is that it will be Local LAN only. I’ve seen a few posts here from people who use there cameras in remote homes/locations, I would be doing the same thing. If the camera only streams locally would that mean that my NVR/Storage device would have to be local and then have some kind of backup remotely? If so, this is a problem because if the house is broken into and the NVR stolen any video is taken with it. Am I seeing this wrong?


Anxiously waiting for RTSP. Willing to be a beta tester for any firmware that needs it.


Sign me up for beta testing the RTSP functionality as well.


once you have rtsp you can do whatever you like even pull it to a remote server for recording its not that hard,all will come down to how your network is setup.


When you say limited functionality does that mean the app will no longer have those options if i flash it with RSTP firmware? I don’t mind the Lan only since i can still setup vpn / or port forwarding to overcome this. But why are you guys removing other features?


I guess the reason for RTSP is to see all your cameras together.

I have 4 Foscam IP Cams and 4 WYZE cameras. Someone stated “tinyCam PRO” allowed the 4 WYZE cams to appear with all my IP cams. I don’t run motion detection from these cams, just keep them ready to view. But one WYZE Cam is setup inside to monitor the living area when no one is home. it sends notifications for me to check if motion is detected.
My home also runs ISmart Alarm systems with doors sensors and motion detection when armed. When I leave and turn on the ISmart Alarm, using IFTTT it turns on the motion detection on my inside WYZE camera, and when returning turns it off when the ISmart Alarm is disabled.
So the only thing I use the cameras for is when I get a ISmart Alarm with notifications or I get notification from my inside WYZE cam…
The tinyCam Pro app combines all my cameras and I see all 8 in one display.
From my Windows 10 BlueStacks 4 allows my android apps to run on Windows. I have Wyze android app and also "tinyCam PRO"android app running on windows.

To me the motion detection causes false positives, and night visions is useless if you have motion detection floods covering the same area as your cams which I do have. Motion is detected by the flood lights, turn on and I have great pictures. IR night vision reflect inside windows or glass enclosures, so its a waste to turn them on.

Point is use tinyCam PRO to see and totally control your camera’s, and use BlueStacks 4 on windows to see all your cams again on tinyCam app in Windows. BlueStacks has Windows and Mac versions.

Screen dump of theBlueStacks, WYZE running on BluseStacks which resizes the screen, and tinyCam PRO running on Windows in Bluestacks.

Sorry can’t upload more then one image.


Would love and am awaiting RTSP. If it works will buy a whole load more Wyze cams. Thank you


Honestly, I want to try RSTP on a couple of my cameras. However I have been moving away from Wyzecams for a much more complete solution. Granted the solution I am moving to is much more expensive but I have the ability to leverage the camera sensors via an api and I have RSTP. I still love my Wyze cams all 8 of them even though 4 are not in a drawer in the office.

That being said, I think i newer version of the cam with upgraded hardware may be the ticket to really elevate the entire platform! RSTP, API support and cloud remote access all need to be in the solution being brought to market, otherwise the package is incomplete.

The current solution is awesome, and a great price point for an autonomous system. I have turned a dozen people on to it. But I am into home automation and the tinyCam pro workaround is not a great way to handle integration into systems like Smartthings or Home Assistant.


The ONLY feature that I really want is RTSP; however LAN only will completely defeat the purpose for myself.

I use BlueIris to monitor multiple properties, and all of my varied net-cams stream back to one central location.

I have 6 WyzeCam v2 currently; but they are currently unused because of lack of RTSP.
I tried the ‘alternate firmware’ but it is far too flaky.

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It is ridiculous that this is not done yet!!! It is a standard! Get it done!! ANY method of connecting is fine, but WE WANT IT NOW!!!
I will return mine shortly (which Im testing to recommend to customers as well)… I WILL NOT look back at Wyse one I move on!

How is it that there is a plug in for Alexa, but NO other way to connect from other servers? Grrrrr

BTW Wyse… I can also just use a Raspberry PI Zero with a cam JUST as easy and NOT have this limitation!!!


Is there an update on when RTSP will be available?

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Update on RTSP. We have the near-complete version of RTSP on both V2 and Pan.
They are easy to set up and super stable afterward.

We still have some bandwidth to improve RTSP video quality, but there is a tradeoff between:

  • Bitrate (your router/wifi capacity)
  • Framerate (better image quality in motion)
  • Image compression (better still image quality)

Let me know what you think, which one would you prefer us to optimize.
Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Attached is the current version, running in HD mode. So don’t worry you will get RTSP as scheduled with V2.3. This endeavor is only about how much we could improve on that.

Also, if you have not yet check our app for Wyze Sensor – Early Access, please check it quickly. It is 37% gone by now (day 1, 7PM).

Thank you,


Framerate for sure


Thanks for the update!

  1. Framerate
  2. Bitrate

Framerate by a long shot.


Framerate, no question.




The question is a little confusing since they are all interrelated. That is a higher framerate results in a higher bitrate.

I vote for less compression artifacts that reduce the image clarity and generally better image quality so:

  1. framerate
  2. bitrate

Instead of fixed values is there anyway setting can be tweaked on the fly via an advanced options menu?