Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)


No I set all settings down and I still think that Ethernet should be optional. Leave the WiFi for phones tablets and laptops. Ethernet is more reliable and it’s just better.


Totally agree Ethernet is optimal and would 100% support the idea, but as stated by Wyze Team not something their really going to tackle at the moment. My guess would be they would launch a new product before developing an accessory.

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Exactly, something like


this would be bad ass!


Hello it1, Thank you for the analysis and you are mostly correct.

Just want to add a few things:

(1) In day mode it would be 15fps, so the theoretical bitrate for HD is ~4000kbps.

(2) You could easily change RTSP resolution in Wyze App under each camera Settings, in the same way you would change resolution in Live View. By switching to SD or 360p mode, the bitrate could be reduced to ~600kbps or ~360kbps. (And just in case you are wondering, it would still support the auto/night mode, and frame rate would become 10 at night.)
The demo video was taken at Day-SD mode. With few motions, the tested bitrate is around 450kbps with some fluctuations.

(3) For users who want multiple RTSP Cameras, it is most likely that they are projecting multiple video feeds in one shared screen. In that case, SD resolution should be more than enough, and 20 RTSP Cam in SD mode would take ~12mbps. Not too much to ask for someone with 20 RTSP cam.

Hope this could address your concerns.


Lol let them build fully working RTSP first so we can have basic RTSP from camera :sweat_smile: before they drop the project cause of demands, As far as i know that small usb on the back is just for power with remaining wires not even connected and top is just a power jump from the bottom for camera daisy-chain.I don’t see any active usb controller or it would pop up if you connect the camera to a computer so you can forget about Ethernet adapter for this camera .


Well, you can’t just assume that there is no usb controller. The features might just not be programmed. @WyzeArthur ^? Is Ethernet a feature we can eventually expect?


i can understand you want it , would be fun to have Ethernet port just keep in mind its a $25 camera that delivers excellent quality after looking at PCB i can confirm it lacks USB controller so no usb Ethernet for you also to keep things in prospective this forum is about RTSP not Ethernet.


Software engineer from Louisville & proud owner of two Wyze v2 cams. I’m waiting until RTSP to put Wyze cams in every room of the house–also to pledge undying fealty to Wyze.

At the moment I think you’re pretty great; give me RTSP and I’ll put on chain mail and fight wars for you. I’ll get my friends to enlist, too.


The Ethernet is a direct proponent of a quality rtsp stream tho


And, wyze must have a way to get information and wire directly to the camera somehow. Are you 100% positive that the micro USB port AND the regular USB port both don’t have a controller?


Would accept less features for RTSP.


I’m happy to see the interest in Ethernet, however, that energy would be best directed to other Roadmap threads, for example, Power Over Ethernet (POE) capable.


yes i am positive regarding v2 as the PCB don’t house any usb controller chips, That’s why they ask you to download firmware to SD card to do flash would be much simple to just do it from PC if cam had a usb controller just like phones.


all i have to add, is, i use ispy open source security software, and use higher end rtsp wifi cams, and still these wyzepan cams quality is much better, clearer, and sensitive. i would love to add the 2 i have and replace these other cams. i hope there is a firmware update in the coming days. love these cams.


Ahhhh, we say bad ‘butted’ here.

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I to would like to see rtsp support added.


Because OpenIPC sucks and is unreliable currently on the Wyzecam v2.

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Local works for me! I have a raspberry Pi hooked up to a monitor above my dual monitors I would love to transform it into viewer for my Security cameras.

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I like it!