Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

You think you’re so smart with your obviously right answer…
Thanks for real though! Got it to work in TinyCam with a Generic profile.


Ha! You be surprised, this happen to me lol.

But in general you can use rtsp:// on any nvr system.

Good to hear is working, did you notice the lag as well compared to the wyzeapp?

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I cannot seem to add Wyze to my stand alone NVR. It is a basic China brand version that uses that dated OS. It is one of the brands that uses the xmeye cloud with ONVIF protocols.
However I can get it detected on my server using iSpy.

I believe ONVIF and RTSP are two separate protocols. Since Wyze doesn’t support ONVIF, it makes sense you can’t connect to a NVR that only supports it.

So PTZ is working on BI? If so, how do you have it set?

Update on RTSP issues:

Hello everyone. If you run into any issues with RTSP, please first check if Live View from that camera is still available on Wyze App, and try to run the same URL in other players.

  • If both Live View and other player works, it is not likely a problem on our side.
  • If either approach did not work, please send me a message at

RTSP is a open, standard protocol and things should ideally integrate together smoothly. Unfortunately that is not always the case, and we were only able to test it on 3 different players before release.

Video play is a three-part process: (#1) cameras generate the video feed, (#2) data transmitted from camera to the player, and (#3) players decode and play the video.

With Wyze Cam feed playing on Wyze App, we can control the process from end to end, troubleshoot and optimize the performance.
But with RTSP, we cannot really control the latter 2 parts. Data transmission (#2 part) largely depends on the router and network configuration, and players (#3 part) simply belong to other companies.

That being said, I am still collecting information and trying to troubleshoot with our engineer. Here is a list of known issues:

  1. Connection Drop: Reported error codes 8000274D on Blue Iris. Rebooting camera could solve the issue, but refresh Blue Iris could not.
  2. Frame skips: Particularly worse on players other than VLC and Blue Iris. Partially reported on Motion Eye.
  3. Other devices would drop offline when a Wyze Cam is on RTSP: Assigning static IP to the device could solve the issue, but not always. Similar case with changing resolution to 360P.
  4. 2~4 Seconds Delay: this is not technically an bug, but I did read several reported concerns. The delay behind Live View from App happens for a combination of several reasons: (1) RTSP feed transmission starts slightly behind Live View feed from device, (2) data transmission and decoding is not as optimized, and (3) RTSP player caching time most likely to be higher.

Please message me if you have any new issues or feedback, detailed information would be very helpful.
It is really hard to troubleshoot for issues outside of our control and it could take a while to find a fix. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.



Has anyone started a chart of what is known to work?

I was hoping for rstp without losing other features. For just rstp - I already have that with the dafang hack but would sure like native Wyze software that combines all features.

I’m still collecting data from Netcam Studio but I have the following feedback:

  1. Camera Settings
    • All 4 cameras are set to HD
    • Two rotated by 180 and two set to normal orientation
    • One uses IR, three do not
    • All cameras have a static IP address assigned to them by my router via MAC address reservation
  2. WiFi Signal Strength
    • Cameras in house have 80% strength
    • Cameras in detached garage have 62% - 67% strength
  3. Run Time
    • All 4 v2 cameras have been operating since Sun 21-Apr-2019 afternoon
    • There have been no outages or issues with the cameras in the Wyze Beta App
  4. Live Feed via Wyze App
    • Single feed is clear and good
    • Multiple group feed is clear and good
  5. Live Feed via Netcam Studio*
    • Each source gets between 6-9 FPS
    • This is due to settings in the NVR software to limit CPU usage on my server
    • Multi-view drops the FPS to 3-5 FPS, also due to settings
    • NVR software is clear and sources are visible
  6. Library Recordings via Netcam Studio*
    • I have adjusted my library settings as Netcam Studio was deleting library recordings after 5GB and I needed more examples
    • Recordings appear clear with no significant artifacts
    • Reviewing some recordings, there are a few minor glitches that appear network based
  7. Timelapse via Netcam Studio*
    • I have NCS set to take 1 image every 30 seconds to be stitched together by ffmpeg
    • Occasional images have artifacts on them, suspect network issue
  8. Event Logs in NCS
    • After reviewing the logs, there was an issue connecting to one camera that resolved itself after 2 minutes and another camera after 50 minutes
    • Both cameras were located in the garage

I will continue to review and track findings.


RTSP has been launched officially with the 2.3 update!

But we still want your feedback. :slight_smile:


Can anyone provide tips on how the RTSP streams can be improved in my household? From what I see, my network is pretty adequate. Should I have a separate network for my cameras to remove any congestion and what should the bandwidth be like? I seem to still have issues streaming just one camera over the network to VLC with lags and skipping frames.

Don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion but doesn’t it seem a bit premature to release RTSP when there are still issues with dropping connection and lack of optimization?

Good job on RTSP though!


Is there a newer rtsp firmware released to flash?

No, we don’t have a more recent RTSP version yet. But we’re working on the reported issues and we’ll send out a new version once we get those ironed out. :slight_smile:


What port number does it use and can it be changed? I can view RTSP just fine locally, but I would also like to view the RTSP feed from outside my local network. For other cameras I forward the port to do that, but I have no idea what port the Wyze cam is using. If not, is there a way to enter the address to view the RTSP feed via the internet?

Is there a example on how to set it up with VLC?

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Some initial RTSP results.

First - THANK YOU WYZE for granting the RTSP wish to the crowd on this thread!!

It was easy to follow the instructions and flash the camera for RTSP. The WYZE app then gave me the URL for iSpy. I used the FFMPEG (H264) config in iSpy to connect a Cam V2 & Cam Pan. They connected and looked great!

A few observations:

As others mentioned, there’s a significant delay and some stuttering / artifacts / green screen in the RTSP stream. But, overall, it’s working well….EXCEPT the CPU usage is high on the Cam Pan. Any chance of being able to tweak the RTSP stream settings?

I have other H.264 IP cameras using RTSP. The resolution is less, and they’re wired Ethernet, but there’s no issue with delay or stuttering. Maybe iSpy caching a high resolution stream is causing the CPU spike. Here are the Windows Task Manager CPU usage results:

H.264 cameras: 14% per camera.
Cam V2: 20%.
Cam Pan: 32% - same on all resolution settings.
You can’t have many cameras at 32% CPU usage per camera!

One version of the H.264 software has a hardware settings page, which has made the camera work great at capturing license plates.

It would be SO helpful to have a page like this:
Keep up the good work!

Open VLC
Click on Media
Click on Open Network Stream
Type in the exact info shown in the app for the camera you wish to view.

Do you require assistance on how to set up the RTSP stream in the app?

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Port 554 is the RTSP port.

No, Iv’e done this and it fails to connect.

as shown

Connection failed:

VLC could not connect to “”.

Your input can’t be opened:

VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘rtsp://hiddenbybrandon@’. Check the log for details.