Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)


I keep seeing this excuse pedaled around but it should be more than powerful enough to create and output an RTSP stream, weaker cameras can. Most people will be using an offboard software solution (Zoneminder, BlueIris, etc) to do motion detection and stuff. This excuse is getting tired.


The “excuse” is that we don’t have enough space flash memory to put anything extra. It’s not a CPU issue.
The memory was set to a predetermined size that pretty much was just covering the original feature set and a few very small extensions.


Who said anything about “extra”? If you listened to most of the people who begged for RTSP in the beginning (at least on Reddit and early threads here) very few cared about maintaining the whole feature set since there are many software NVR type solutions that do those features better, like I mentioned in my post.

Look I realize you could have told us all to shove off, and nobody gets RTSP, but some of us have been here from the beginning and supported you guys and we have a lot of V1’s.

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The reason I put excuse in quote was a direct reference to your post. We have a physical limitation on the product. This limitation cannot be changed and we have absolutely no way around so this is not an excuse that I’m providing but more an explanation as to why v1 are being excluded from all new features.

Wyze is very conscious that those early adopters helped Wyze tremendously. I’m one of those early adopters and until recently 50% of my cameras were v1s.

Wyze is still a very small company and we have to select the areas that we are spending our engineering resources on.

The RTSP development on top of the existing firmware is already a multi months engineering effort for which we will also incur some ongoing and recurring maintenance and support costs.

Because of the limitation mentioned before, creating a version for v1 means that we have to strip down the entire existing firmware to create an alternate version for RTSP specifically for v1. This will increase the engineering, maintenance, and support costs. Now, we also have to consider that less than 7% of the cameras sold are v1s and that only a very small fraction of those v1 owners will be interested in RTSP.


I plan to use BlueIris as well. but I completely understand Wyze doesnt want to remove the current motion detection software to add RTSP
… because while you and I do not need the included motion software, other people do, and I would not expect a company to release 2 firmwares for 1 device, for 2 different types of customers…

Its 20 bucks. buy new ones and support the company.

or flash the custom firmware that already exists to support RTSP found HERE.

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With RTSP on the horizon, I’m just curious what the community considers the best monitoring software for PC? I personally give a lot of weight to a nice looking user interface, not so much all the bells and whistles. I’ll just be using the basics. Suggestions?


Given that HLS is being used for Google integration (which works well, I’d like to add) is there any way to get a direct URL of that stream? It would be useful for live streaming in HomeAssistant since they also support HLS. It could also be a way of getting proper integration with HomeAssistant which would go a long way to increase the user base.

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That makes sense. I guess at 7% the V1s aren’t as common as I thought (in fact even less common, one of mine may have given up the ghost last night). I was also under the impression that the RTSP thing was going to be a kind of make sure it works and then “throw it over the wall” kind of thing. If you plan to support it, that makes more sense then that you wouldn’t want multiple versions to support.

If my V1s keep dying this issue might be moot to me anyways. I’m down to 3 now with another one that seems to be in its death throes (both were covered but still outdoors, so I knew their days were numbered).

Just a heads up, I won’t be responding to personal attacks or anybody that says anything along the lines of “it’s just $20.” You don’t know my financial situation.


What do you mean by “monitoring software”? are you looking to get alerts/notifications of events using this software? Or are you just looking to view the stream?


For me, wouldn’t be useful if it came at the expense of losing current features.


Bitrate. Higher quality.

Im sure Im not the only one who has psted this because there are 327 other posts…

People it is about moving data… especially across wifi.
WIFI is like a Walkie-talkie or CB, only one person (or device) can speak at a time…
AND there is only so much data that can be sent…
Those of us who want to record on a server, want to move data from one or more cameras, across one (or more WIFI) radios… probably (most commonly) while other devices (like our firesticks) are showing us a movie.

Think of the data going across your WIFI (or internet or mobile device) like its going through a straw… (ALL through the same straw). 2.4 WIFI is like a regular straw, 5 ghz WIFI like a slurpee straw, wired LAN like a hose or 3/4" sprinkler pipe, your ISP like the water system, your phone back to a straw.

SO we can have one of two things (hay developers, probably just put in a radio button with each option!.. just saying :confused: )

Lots of pictures per second at a lower quality, or few pictures at a higher quality.
I am less concerned about staring at the picture… (who out there is really doing that all day) and more concerned about clearly seeing the face of the person, car, license plate, who may have stolen o broken something.

I didn’t look at the specs being proposed… but I think I saw someone mention that 5fps was unacceptable…REALLY? You are going to miss something in 1/5th of a second?
The camera doesn’t slow down, just the images being pulled and streamed.

Maybe the question is use… for security… a large clear picture every 1/5th of a second seems perfect.
For using these in a multi-cam setup for 1080p live presentation or streaming (like a church), more frames might be better, but if you are looking to do this… a $40 camera isn’t what you should be looking at CHEAPO!! (okay… maybe a low quality Facebook or YouTube stream)

If you want to set your door cam permanently on your TV… just sit by the window.
If you want to have your TV showing the stream from your NVR with all your other cameras… I doubt you’ll really miss anything in 1/5th of a second on 2 or more cameras anyway.

HAY… PS… if your NVR is going to save stuff… um… how long do you want to keep all those frames? (psssst… they take up space!)

I am glad to see this may get done!! I’m actively testing several cameras, most which also do not support RTSP, and are useless IMHO.

(As a side note, I have 25 years in IT and production… I’m happy to run beta SW!)


I was a long time ZondMinder person. But switched over to BlueIris. I wanted to simplify things and I saw BlueIris as a way to make life easier. I’m not a Linux person, ZM runs on Linux, and when things broke it would take a lot of time to repair. That last straw was I corrupted my SQL DB. Since I had to start over, BI was in. Been really happy with it so far.

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Thanks tyke. That seems to be the consensus. I think I’ll give BlueIris a try when the time comes.

madtaurus- By monitoring software, I mean one of the 15 or so PC programs that tie to your cameras.
I’m mainly wanting to view the stream, but I’m pretty sure that most of them give alerts/notifications now. I would consider that a basic.


I would love RTSP and think 2 separate Firmwares could work as many like myself wouldn’t mind paying saying $5 for the firmware and 1 year of updates. They would get thousands to jump on board and that would help with extra expenses and at their price point would garner a boat load more business. Again this is my opinion.


thejoker030 - Look at iVideon, though it has the 5 minute timeout like wyze. It’s a server/client based solution. Server can be installed and set up pretty easily with RTSP. Client, they have windows clients and iPhone/Android apps that can have notifications pushed to your phone. You can set motion detection if you wish, or not at all.

The nice thing about iVideon is that you don’t need to open any ports on your firewall/router in order to view the stream.

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Thanks so much! Been using this for a couple of days now, and it makes my nine cameras much more useful!


Just to add my 2 cents. As a 15 plus year in security/surveillance. You CAN miss something important in 1/5 of a second. Also these cameras are not really made for security in the first place. They are used for it but not really designed for it. If it was it would


I use Netcam Studio. I like it a lot, because I run Windows Server Essentials on a small Intel NUC.

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I’m using Home Assistant in a VM on XenServer (freemium) on a NUC . I have there enough space and CPU to play with blue iris, or I may just send it to my Synology NAS. I’m still tinkering. All my outside cameras are Unifi and they have their own NVR.

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