Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)



Absolutely +1 for this. Would like to keep Auto Night Vision, PTZ, Video quality selection, and one-way audio recording (in that order) if possible. I would give up recording to microSD if that could be used to extend the firmware. I would be recording to a local NAS anyway.


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Damn a year later and still no word? Is this what we can expect of the future of wyze ?


I already have several cameras connected to Blue Iris so I can store all the recordings and install whatever camera best suits the use case. There are a few cameras that my wife would like to be able to easily view and the Blue Iris app and web server aren’t the most user friendly… I bought a few Wyze cameras and really do like the app since its easy for her to use, and she can also pull them up on the Echo Shows, but I’d really like to also have it recording to my Blue Iris server. Basically my perfect use case is having the advance features for me to use, and the simple UI for her.

If having RTSP means my wife can’t use it to talk to the baby room, or pull it up on the Echo show, its really not useful to me anymore as I’ll be in the same boat I was in before buying the Wyze cameras.

From what I understand, the limit here is the onboard memory. Since TinyCam is pulling a live feed right now, with all of the features enabled, would it be possible to have a simple program that you could run on a computer to strip the feed and rebroadcast it the same way TinyCam does? I really don’t want another device to manage and update like is needed with TinyCam, and I can’t for the life of me get Android to run properly as a VM on a ESXi host.

Or any way you could elaborate on how the feed is pulled so that other developers would be able to integrate something?


I don’t want to diminish the effort spent by the tinyCam developer, but all he did was “hack” the stream from the Wyze Cloud.

There is no reason that Blue Iris can’t do the same thing (or pay tinyCam for consulting). Then Blue Iris would not need another intermediary server. It is obviously powerful enough NVR software to be able to tap into multiple video formats from different sources - including, highly likely, the Wyze Cloud.

tinyCam isn’t magic! :sparkle:


sadly my IT career is 10 years in the past and I’m way out of practice.

Shortcut on the alerts/events playback for live view and recorded playback

I’d be very interested in this ability. I’ve been following Wyze for a little while now and finally got a few for Christmas. I currently have 12 cameras around my home of all various makes and models. I am using GeniusVision (previously iSpy) to connect to them via RTSP and HTTP (Motion JPEG). This gives me the ability to record locally (provides some piece of mind) and allows me to quickly search through it. It also gives me the ability to have a couple of monitors around the house where I can see all of the streams all at once. All 12 of these cameras lack one important thing though: cloud connectivity. I cannot view them on my phone without connecting to a VPN at home then launching the phone app for GeniusVision. I tried Ivideon which gave me this ability, but their camera support is lacking. If Wyze cameras had RTSP streaming available, it would be the best of both worlds allows me to view locally when I am at home without drowning my 4Mbps DSL connection, but still allow me to check up on the house when I am away.


I AGREE get with it Wyzecam if you become defunct in the future ppl will be chucking wyzecams in the bin because RSTP is not supported the Wyzecams would become expensive paperweights. There is no guarantee with tech pop up businesses they sell millions and go under all the time once costs overrun viability to support the products then consumer is left holding the “paper weight” I would feel better buying a product that can be used independently vs a part and parcel package that becomes obsolete the consumer cannot continue to use due to no RSTP. I would kit out my whole home and business if Wyze had RSTP for now will stick to 1 cam


So I just tried the tinyCam “hack” and it’s actually quite impressive. I setup an Android VM so I don’t have to depend on an Android device being plugged in. It was otherwise painless to setup. I also wasn’t sure if it would go over my Internet connection to stream it, but it appears it is all local as I disconnected my DSL connection and the camera kept plugging away. I can still access the cameras through the Wyze app and interact with the cameras as usual. If tinyCam can do this, I’m not sure why others haven’t added this support yet as a stop gap. Obviously, RTSP is the standard, but the tinyCam solution will get you part of the way there for now. A limitation may be the number of streams you can have going at once with a single Android device doing all the work of transcoding. I’ve setup the one, but only have two cameras at this time to test.


I have some questions I’m hoping you can help with.

Do you have background mode turned on in TCPro?

If not, do you get a live feed in HA or just a still image?

If it’s just a still image, does it change to a live stream when the camera card is clicked/brought into focus in HA?

Are you running HA on a RPi?

How taxing is your setup on your shield/HA server?



Do you have background mode turned on in TCPro?
No. Maybe I should but I need to read the docs to better understand what it actually does. I just have mine running in the background like any other task in Android TV that hasn’t been explicitly closed.

If not, do you get a live feed in HA or just a still image? If it’s just a still image, does it change to a live stream when the camera card is clicked/brought into focus in HA?
I get a still image thumb in my card and a stream when I click on it. The thumb updates like any other camera entity in HA.

Are you running HA on a RPi?
Yes. build and a few addons like Node Red, SSH and AppDaemon.

How taxing is your setup on your shield/HA server?
HA runs about average on my Pi. Only time I see any slowness in response is if I use the history or logger pages. TCPro on the Shield doesn’t seem to even make a dent. Even if I am looking at a stream, I can still run a Plex video in 4k and not see any stuttering.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, yes it does!

I wanted to add cameras to my HA instance using this method but I didn’t want to have to turn on background mode in TCPro (seems to be laggy for me on a Fire TV Stick 4k) or bog down my Pi because Node-Red automations are priority.


I want RTSP in addition to all the normal features. I don’t want to give those features up. Local LAN streaming is fine to record to a NAS.


I would be okay with a separate firmware that has to be flashed manually for Wyze Cam v2. All “lost” functions of the v2 (motion detection, app alerts, continuous recording) could be replaced by NVR software that would be monitoring the RTSP stream, so nothing would really be lost. I would even consider placing 2 Wyze Cam v2s (one with RTSP and one with standard firmware) in some areas so I could get the best of both worlds.

I can’t think of a reason a non-savvy user would need RTSP without some tech-savvy person helping them, so flashing manually shouldn’t be an issue either.

For the Pan Cam, if RTSP means no PTZ then that seems like a deal-breaker. I think anyone should expect the basic hardware functions of the camera to work (PTZ, IR, one-way audio) regardless of the firmware.


I am using VMS and CMS for my Sunba security cameras and would like to store the data from my Wyze cameras on my NVR and the security PC. I am already using RTSP for other cameras, with other software like OBS Studio.


Ideally, RTSP supported firmware should support all basic camera functions including PTZ if applicable. I realize things such as motion detection won’t and should not be supported since that would be integrated on the local end

I also read that this separate firmware won’t have priority support. I understand that for features but for medium & high bug/security bugs, it should definitely maintain normal support levels.

Basically, I think most users that are requesting rtsp support want to have good hardware, firmware, and reliability and separate themselves from all other things Wyze and have to have an in house structure.


I have dlink ptz cams that I can access with the dlink app just like wyze and I also have the same dlink cams connected to my Blue Iris server all functions work in both applications i’m thinking if dlink can do it why can’t Wyze do it without functionality sacrifice?


I do not understand why it needs to be a separate firmware. Why couldn’t this just be a feature to be enabled?

I for one will also buy at least a dozen of these cams to replace my older IP cams. I love all of the current features of the Wyze cams, which I just bought one for testing for now, The lack of RTSP support has been the deal breaker for me. This is only because I use Blue Iris software for recording and reviewing and is also heavily integrated in my home/parents homes security setup. I have also designed custom interfaces that use the RTSP to stream live to a web site,

Also, If wyze built a door bell with RTSP, count me in for two. I have been thinking of building my own using a cannibalized wyze cam since Ring doorbells are a scam sucking in subscribers.


It’s called a revenue stream and it’s everybody’s goal. Everybody’s…

On another note, I just don’t understand this doorbell thing. I have a Wyzecam on my front porch and it acts like a ring doorbell only there is no button to push. Other than RTSP, which I won’t hold my breath for (see my previous answer), what does a doorbell get me? I have a stack of these Ring doorbell discount cards. The police give them out at our Neighborhood Watch meetings.


The point of the doorbell is the button, sure I get alerts when someone is on my porch, but I also get false alerts or just package deliveries. Having a door bell with a button would let me know when I have a visitor or someone checking to see if I am home. The button would allow me to then use the two-way audio or execute a routine of actions, such as display the camera on my amazon echo or TV. I currently do all this now with a hacked amazon dash button, but I would like something better and more polished.