Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

What is this, does it build a container where it takes the Wyze feed and then redistributes it via RTSP/RTMP server? I understand that there are issues running docker and hyper-v on the same machine?

As I posted procedure above, it works well for me for both v2s and v3s. But I need the correct URL/stream type for my Shinobi on Docker running on my same computer . rtsp://localhost/frontv3 works in VLC but not Shinobi

Hi all, could anyone share how to configure the frigate.yml file to get a Wyze v2 working with Frigate?

Now that’s just mean to say “they’ll make it unstable”.
Wyze has a sofware development process that frequently results in unstable software, I don’t think they need to TRY and make it unstable on purpose.


Interestingly enough, my need for RTSP is just to be able to view the cameras in more apps than just the Wyze app itself. I have Cam Plus and will be keeping that going, even when RTSP gets released.

1 big Up Vote for RTSP here. I have never had any cameras before and am looking for the right solution. My primary use will be dropping in on my autistic child while he is roaming the backyard or in the garage, without disrupting him.

When it’s quiet and I cannot hear him is when I need to check in, so an ideal alert for me would be when there hasn’t been any movement for 5 minutes, when I know there should be. Did he leave the fenced yard? Is he face down in the pool? Is he taking apart the lawn mower? Or is he just enjoying the shade while listening to the AC cycle on and off? Being able to call up a live view whether there has been any motion or not is my highest need. Recording stuff will be great too, but seeing Real-Time from my phone or Windows Desktop would be amazing. Any fraction of stress reduction and convenience is extremely welcome when it comes to knowing all is well, and if he’s being safe I don’t have to interrupt his independent groove.

I was invited by Tech Support to leave this comment to increase visibility for the demand for the feature. Responsiveness from the company encouraged me to ask the question in the first place, so I am happy they want to know what we want, even when it’s not an advertised or developed.

I noted others have said to just use another camera, but never suggest any specific alternative, which would be really helpful if they did so I could at least compare to know, starting out from zero it’s not easy to know what to research or where.

Thanks to all and any kind suggestions are welcome!

You can do all that from your phone or tablet already with the regular Wyze app. You can stream multiple cameras all day.

What are you looking to gain through the RTSP feature?

(I’m all for RTSP but don’t want you to have to wait if what you have will already do what you need.)

You can look at EZVIZ C1C as well as TP-Link Tapo C100, both are around the same price as Wyze but support RTSP and/or ONVIF out of the box, and most important RELIABLY. If RTSP is your main requirement, don’t look at Wyze.


I use put my cameras up in grid view on my computer desktop in my office above my main monitors on a TV that is on the wall. This helps me know when packages arrive as well where my kids are in the common areas. If Wyze had even just a web portal that would suck only having one or two at a time but it would be something. RTSP means I can use Shinobi to do a proper security cam layout of all 13 cameras on the TV that just works, no timing out, not logging back in, etc… The Mobile app sucks in comparison for that type of use.

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Install BlueStacks on your WIndows system, then install the Wyze App.
You’ll be able to setup a window/gird of your Wyze Cams…

If you install tinyCam you’ll be able to have “all” of your cameras in one view.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I just ordered 6 x EZVIZ CIC cameras. Hopefully they will work with my Synology setup on RTSP

Are you the same person as @Jasonneedsrtsp ?

There are tons of valid reasons to want it but he or she didn’t express any.

Exactly where I am.

Honestly, I don’t even know what RTSP entails, but nowhere in the marketing materials do they expressly say you can watch your cameras real-time except when there is an event to trigger recording. I asked them if I want to check the back yard in real time even if there has been no movement for 10 minutes, adding that I’d like to view it on my desktop. So they said I should boost this signal and ask folks. Pretty awesome responses! Thank you all.

That doesn’t make much sense?

I think you should be able to get 24/7 live viewing in the app regardless of whether it is recording an event.

By the way this doesn’t apply to the “Wyze Cam Outdoor” that is battery powered and quite limited.

If you don’t know what RTSP is then you do not need or want it.

I agree with @Customer the response from Wyze Support

…makes no sense, It is certainly a training/education opportunity for whoever provided that advice.

BlueStacks/Wyze App will provide the continuous view on a big screen that you are looking for.

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But it doesn’t allow recording to your own recorder. You need something like Blue Iris for that. TinyCam lacks features.

Did they work, do you like them? I replaced another WC2 with a C1C due to the unstable RTSP implementation on the WC2s. I considered the Ubiquti G3 Instant, but seems you cannot run it in standalone mode with RTSP after configuration…

That’s not true? TinyCam can record to local storage, ftp sites, AND redirect live streams to your DVR of choice. Never thought I’d see the words "TinyCam lacks features*. :wink:

Don’t know yet. I have some serious network issues that I need to get sorted out (I need new equipment), and then I will get to try them.