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I updated my Wyze app, which was supposed to fix “auto-unlock / auto-lock” issues, but it only made matters worse. Prior to the update, my lock would only “auto-unlock” about 25% of the time when I returned home from work. Also, it was unlocking randomly in the middle of the night when I was home. After the update, my Wyze lock does not “auto-unlock” at all! It does not seem that Wyze can get this feature to work properly, I am running a Google Pixel 3a with Android 10. I would not have purchased this lock if I knew auto-unlock did not work.

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Please submit a Support Request on this so that the team will hear of your experience. The forum is not closely monitored by Wyze Support.

And see I am on iOS and I have had the exact opposite experience. I was having multiple auto unlocks a day and I went down to having only one auto unlock in the last nine days. And the auto unlock feature when I approach the door wouldn’t work at all and it is worked the last three times consecutively. So it’s just right now they are still trying to figure everything out. it’s a work in progress but believe me I’ve worked with Jonathan who is working on the lock And he is working his tail off to make this the best lock out there. Jonathan is working extremely hard and his team is working doing everything they can. I worked with him for over a month trying to fix issues and do troubleshooting so I can speak from experience that they are doing everything they can. @WyzeJonathan

I don’t have a Wyze lock, just wondering if it works any better with Alexa which has the ability to run routines that presumably include auto unlock? That is rather than using the Wyze software to do the auto unlock since the manual unlock reportedly works fine.

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You can use Alexa. She’ll ask you for a code and then unlock the door

I am happy to wait a bit. I realize the complexity of this product and that

it may take a bit of time to work all the bugs out. I do like the company!

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I think I have solved my problem with the auto-unlocking. I am on iOS and the app has to be running in the background to unlock the door and it cant be on the lock screen. I was closing the app completely. After reading some tips I left the app open in the background and when I can home it auto unlocked for the first time since I had the issue. Personally I think this is a crappy implementation and it should work even if the app is completely closed but at least I figured it out. I very much hope that Wyze will change this so it will work anytime.


I’ve have my iphone in standby which is the black screen and the app closed and it still auto unlock my door. I think auto unlock is just very on reliable disappoint and there’s no way to know exactly how it’s gonna work for any individual

I tested it twice today and it worked both times. open the an on your iPhone, then hit the home button. Leave the geofence area, come back into the geofence area, walk to your door, give it a second for the bluetooth to connect to the lock and it should open. As long as you have double checked the rest of the troubleshooting settings

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No I get what you’re saying. But I’m saying I have my phone on I don’t know if you wanna call it the lock screen or whatever but it’s when you push the button on the side in the screen goes black and the app is closed and I still get auto unlock to work I don’t have to have the app running in the background for auto unlock to work.

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I am not sure about Apple products as I don’t use them but an Android even when the screen is dark the WYZE app will still be running in the background. It does not need to be visible on the screen, just running, as long as it is running the lock should work.

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That’s what I’ve stated 2x already. And went further saying it unlocked my door on black screen with the app closed. This is the 3rd time I’ve explained it now.

All I was stating was in Android the app must be running as a background process or there is nothing to tell the lock to unlock. If I completely shut down the app it will stop working.I am not sure how it can tell the lock to unlock if there is nothing running in the background, but I will do some asking and see if I can get an answer.

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Me too. I have an iPhone XR and mine always unlocks with the phone in my pocket where it’s been most of the time we were out and about, so obviously in standby mode. I don’t have to wait either, the door is always unlocked well before I even get to it. Far enough away I can’t hear it unlock.


If you look at this page about auto-unlock you will see this section:

Keep the Wyze app running in the background on your phone.

  • Disable the battery-saver settings on your device, so the Wyze app isn’t closed to save battery life.
  • Or, whitelist the Wyze app so it isn’t affected.
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We have seen that as users we have come up with other ways of using Wyze products. We are taking them at times way beyond what Wyze even thought they were capable of. And we are using them in ways Wyze thought not possible.

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Yes, the Wyze app should be running in the background for auto-unlock to work.

Locking your screen isn’t enough to force stop an app in the background. I remember that it’s harder to shut down apps with iOS than Android from when I was doing more troubleshooting. Here’s a link for how to do it with iOS!

Please note that they recommend doing that only if there’s a problem with the app. My guess is that this is why they don’t make it intuitive.

Please remember to be kind to everyone in the forum, folks. This includes our volunteer community members.


Just wanted to update the thread with what I learned! Folks here were correct and our information was outdated. The devs have been working to make auto-unlock function without the app running in the background and have made some progress. iOS can now function like this but the Android app is more particular about how you close the app. We’re working on updating our materials about this. :slight_smile:


Thank you for making this clear. I really do appreciate it.

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Gwendolyn, Thanks! Will we have to do anything to get it to work now if we are on IOS?

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