Re-Adding Cam Pan to App after Deleting - Solid Yellow Light - Wont Factory Reset

I can’t get my camera to work once I unplugged it and moved it to a new location. I did everything that is listed to do for troubleshooting and ended up deleting the device in the app hoping to be able to just start the set-up over and re-add the camera. I now can not get the camera to reset at all when I hold down the set-up button and the light just stays a solid yellow when plugged in. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

Try this, ripped from Facebook:
Andy Ly
I figured out how to fix v2 cams that have been bricked. The issue when it boots up with a solid yellow light and after about 30 seconds it just goes off and does nothing. Then ends up rebooting over and over again if you keep it plugged in.

The key to fixing the issue is during boot up once the solid yellow light goes off, immediately push the setup button on the camera. The camera will say ready to connect or something to that effect. By going into setup mode it steers the camera away from continuing the normal boot up process which causes it to crash. Right after it says ready to connect you can hold down the setup button for 10 to 15 seconds and it will do a factory reset. You can immediately tell that the subsequent boot up process is a little different because there will be moments of the blue light blinking. Once it boots up it will now blink yellow making it ready for you to set up. Go through the regular setup mode and it should work just fine.

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Thanks for the response. As I go through your suggestion I get stopped at the point where you mention the yellow light going off because the light never goes off for me :frowning: I got a response from the support team but not sure I really understand what they are telling me to do. See below.

Flashing Firmware for Wyze Cam v2 & Pan Cam

  1. Wyze Cam v2 and Pan firmware files can be found on the Release Notes page.
  2. Download a specific version of firmware, unzip it, put it on the root directory of your microSD card and rename it to demo.bin .
  3. Power off your camera and insert your microSD card.
  4. Hold the setup button, plug in your USB cable, keep holding the setup button for 3-6 seconds until the light is solid blue, then release the button.
  • Note: The “Solid Blue” in this case is not the same as the one normally seen on the camera. Instead, both the blue and yellow LEDs will be on at once, making it appear to be a lighter blue.
  1. Wait for 3-4 minutes. The camera will reboot and change light status during this time.
  2. After it is done, your camera should be functioning with the original setup. No need to re-setup your camera!
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Basically they are telling you to reload the camera OS.

Critical point may be to hold the setup button in BEFORE and during plugging in the power.

Try that and keep us posted.


This yellow solid light is my problem too. Before I jump through the os reboot by micro SD, anything else I can try? Doing the hold setup and plug in trick again. No results yet.

I have the same problem, I had disconnected the camera for a few days, now am trying to set it up again and the yellow light keeps blinking but I cannot seem to set it up again. I dont have a micro SD card now to upgrade firm ware, is there any other way to do that or to do a factory reset?