Range Extender for New Outdoor Cam

With the new WYZE outdoor cam on the way this year I have an interesting idea. Since the new outdoor cam uses a base-station to communicate with the camera there seems to be no way to extend the range between the outdoor cam and the base-station. This idea is for a device that just plugs into the wall and boosts the signal between the base-station and the camera. This would allow you to put a camera father away from you home and extend functionality. For me this would allow me to put a camera out on the other side of a shed where the typical signal for the camera/base station would not reach. This is an idea that I would love to see and hope it might help anyone who needs a camera farther away than whatever range is standard.

This is a great idea! Something for Wyze to think about in the future!

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was about to ask the same question. I didn’t realize the base station was tethered to the router. My router is in the basemet and a decent distance from where I want to install. I have a range extender I use, it has a ethernet plug, can I use that instead of the router?

Yes you can that should not be a problem

Would I just plug it in or do I have to reset the whole thing?

You should be able to just plug it in if you already have it set up

Just installed the new Wyze Cam Outdoor with rechargeable batteries. Hoped to put it about 150’ away, at the end of my driveway but I lose the signal pretty quick. About 80’ from the router through one wall seems to be about the limit. It would be kind of cool to have an external antenna on the base unit.

Other than that, works well, easy install, just would like more range.

Your lucky to get 80’ I can’t get 40. I’ve tried everything, moving the bridge, going through setup several times, nothing helps. I’m not happy with mine at all. My indoor camera have much better range. Bill A

having the same issue. I have the base unit on the exterior wall and it’s a straight shot to carport I’m trying to put the camera in. Get about 80 away and loose connection. Am I wrong or did I read it’s supposed to have a 300’ range

I use a TP-Link N300 to push my wifi to my dock. I discovered by kayaking out that it gets 20mbs about 2 football fields away. Why do we have to use a base? Can’t it just talk on our wifi? Now I’m limited to 50’ according to the help vids. Or is this a power issue? If that’s the case, include solar charge for the camera (I’ll happily pay extra!). :wink: