Quiero que pongan la aplicacion al español

I WANT THE APPLICATION OF THE WYZE CAM V3 TO BE IN SPANISH. How can it be that it is only in English. Let choose the language. There are things that I don’t understand because everything is in English. PUT THE SPANISH QUICK PLEASE.

QUIERO QUE LA APLICACION DE LA CAMARA WYZE CAM V3 ESTE EN ESPAÑOL. Como puede ser que solo este en ingles. Dejen elegir el idioma. Hay cosas que no entiendo porque todo esta en ingles. PONGAN EL ESPAÑOL RAPIDO POR FAVOR.

Hi @jhony -thanks for your submission.
Your post was moved to the #wishlist since it is a request for an improvement or change to the Wyze App. This is where Wyze would be most likely to see and respond to your request.

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I voted for this as well, despite not needing it for myself.

I do have family and friends that this would be helpful for. It is something that should be fairly easy to implement, and should be fairly standard for bigger, serious companies (most serious major companies should have the major standard languages as options nowadays). It would make Wyze’s market much bigger too. I fully support this. Great suggestion.

Don’t forget to click “VOTE” up at the very top right yourself.

Hopefully the app developers accounted for this, meaning planned ahead but just didn’t get multi language translations fully implemented yet. I helped work on a website database app where 30+ translations of 80 text labels were required. A nosebleed would have been more pleasant than having to work on that project.

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