Questions about SD card and playback on outdoor cam

We just received and installed the outdoor camera. I’m confused about how many SD cards I need since the base & camera each have a slot.

For now, we do not have/want a cloud service. As with the indoor cameras that all have SD cards, we’d like to be able to record and play back automatically. I can’t tell if this camera will allow us to do that. Do we need 2 cards? How do we play back? There is an option to record, and I assume it’s to the cloud.

Thank you!

The camera SD card allows you to do scheduled recording, time lapse recordings, snapshots and manual recording of the live view. All of these actions can viewed through the app. The only reason you would need to pull the SD card might be to pull log files for Wyze CS if there is a problem.

The base station SD card will save copies of all 12 second event clips until the card fills up and starts to overwrite the oldest clips. As testers, we brought up how much a pain it is to have to pull the card to view clips that are older than 14 days. Wyze heard us and said they are looking into creating a UI for the base SD card. But, there were no promises. I would suggest creating a Wish List item for that feature. I know they look at those.

They are going to be adding Cam Plus to WCO soon. I’m hoping in the next month or two. And they are working on adding a feature to the scheduled recording section to motion only event recording to the local SD card.


Thank you. So it sounds like I need to purchase 2 of them.

Without the recording ability, the camera doesn’t do us much good.

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Mary, there is a continuous record option. But, it was drain the battery in a day. These are nice cameras, but they are not like the V2. They are meant to be outside to capture movements in 12 second clips. It will send that clip to the cloud, but it does not require a subscription, And there is no playback feature.

For my needs in an outdoor camera, it works great. For others, it may not. It truly depends on your application. If you care to share a little more detail, I would be happy to offer my advice and suggestions. And I know there are LOTS of other people willing to do the same (some better than others).


Thank you so much for your reply and offer for assistance.

I essentially only want to be able to look back if someone is at my door. I assume that is what the 12 second cloud-stored clips will do, and I do see that I can download them to the base station as a backup.

For example, if I don’t hear or see the notification, I want to be able to look back at it, and yes, perhaps play it back. Is that function available via the base station backup? What about download? I’ve seen others post videos of their ring or nest cameras if they capture something unusual. Is this able to do similarly?

I also don’t quite understand the scheduling, or any of the other features available when the SD card is present. I really wish they had a better user manual.

I only test the voice capability once, it didn’t seem all that clear or loud. I don’t see any settings for it either.

So yes, I was thinking the outdoor camera would work more similarly to the indoor cameras.

I’m still confused as to how many SD cards I need to buy :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

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The base station sd card is only for backing up the 12 sec cloud events. You can’t view those backed up events from the app, you have to to view on a pc. It’s really just a backup in case the cam was stolen. If that happened those events from the past 14 days are already in the cloud. This just gives you a local copy for longer than 14 days.

The camera sd card is currently only for time lapse recording, scheduled recordings (scheduling a continuous recording up to 30 days, which will drain the battery fast), manual recordings (live viewing and pressing the record button), live view photos.

Wyze is currently working on another option that will record every motion to the SD card, which most people are requesting.


Mary, you will be able to replay events for 14 days, in the same way you can now with the V2 and Pan cameras. What you cannot do is select a “Playback” button to see the event in a full time stream. The WCO can’t do that, due to no continuous recording.

Like the V2, you can download any saved event to your phone. I happened to do that yesterday when a couple of deer walked past my WCO at 4 in the morning. I will attempt to attach a screenshot from the clip. (I think the night vision on the WCO is outstanding!)

I hope that between Ken and me, we have been able to help.


Thanks to both of you. I don’t think I’ll get any SD cards at this time, particularly since I can download any videos to my phone.

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This is the best explanation I’ve seen on the SD card functions of Outdoor Base/Cam. Wish Wyze would put these simple details in their product description - especially for those us used to viewing SD card contents in the app on their other cams. Maybe a comparison between the outdoor and other cam SD card functions and viewing ? :slightly_smiling_face: