Question about if wyze goes out of business

Which is a long and accurate way of agreeing with my first sentence. :slight_smile:

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Yep, I’m feeling rather circumlocutory and verbose today. :laughing: No usurpation or expropriation of your post content was intended. :wink:

Seriously though I was just pointing out some, of many, specific real world impediments to continuing the back-end processes that might not be obvious.

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Absolutely. You also made me feel a little guilty for not providing as much detail. We are in synch here, no troubles.

My apologies for that, it was certainly not intended.

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I was about to post the question of "What happens if Wyze where to go belly up or get bought up by another company who opted to shut down some or all of the services needed by current Wyze products that will only be functional with services provided by Wyze.

Reading through this thread, I see no ‘official answer’ from Wyze on this subject, I see many thoughts and opinions from us, the consumers.

I’m no were close to being financially invested in the numbers of Wyze products that some folks have. But I have enough Wyze products in place, that if Wyze ceased operations tomorrow, I’d be an unhappy camper.

I guess, from my Wyze purchase list below… my Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller box would still function properly in keeping the ‘Weather’ out of the otherwise useless Wyze Sprinkler Controller should Wyze cease operations

I think I need a 12 step program for my Potential Wyze Addiction… Sort of like a Lay’s Potato Chip… you can eat just one.

Does Wyze have an official list of their products with a column that list status of device without Wyze Services available or useless with loss of power and/or Internet connectivity?

I’m assuming Most of Wyze Products become permanently useless without the existance of Wyze as a company, or temporarily useless with loss of power and/or internet.

My current Wyze Addiction has let me to purchasing the following:

  • 1 Video Doorbell (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 5 V3’s (with the RTSP firmware usable without cloud services?)

  • 2 V2’s (with the RTSP firmware usable without cloud services?)

  • 8 WCO’s, / Two Base Stations? (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 2 Pan Cam V2s ? (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 1 Wyze Sense Hub (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 2 Entry Sensors (6 more new in the Box) (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 3 Motion Sensors (2 more new in the Box) (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 1 Thermostat (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 6 Wyze Color Light Bulbs (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 2 Light Strips (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 4 Wyze Plugs (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 1 Wyze Sprinkler Controller (new in the box, not yet installed) (Dead without cloud Services?)

  • 1 Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller box . . .

  • 1 Wyze Car (stupid purchase…) (Dead without cloud Services?)


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You could load the Dafang firmware on these and still have RTSP and camera functionality. However, I think you’re right on the rest.

The Single Point of failure we current have in place with most Wyze products… doesn’t give me warm fuzzies…

Power gone, my Wyze products are useless
ISP goes down, My Wyze products are useless
Wyze no longer exists as a company, My Wyze Products are useless

Ok… maybe that’s even worse… Three single points of failure… and I have useless Circuit Boards and Plastic…

Perhaps we should present this as a question on Fix-It Friday… but…it’s not a ‘BUG’.,… so probably wouldn’t be addressed by Wyze in that format.

I’d like to know if there is a contingency plan should Wyze cease to exist for any reason. Will there be a way to to use Wyze Products if that should happen, or do we all collectively toss all of our Wyze Products into the Landfill when that occurs?

Is there an ‘Escrow’ account setup for that inevitable day that we all hope never happens?

Interesting Articles on this very subject:


Based on the need to phone home aren’t both the V2 and V3 still useless with Wyze RTSP firmware? That is, both should still be in “dead without cloud services”. All you’ve really got left are the handheld vacuum and the socks. :wink:

(Dafang on V2 and SOME 3rd party hacks notwithstanding.)

To plagiarize a scene from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ -

*"…Leonard says: Let me explain this to you using physics. What would you be if you were joined to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis?

Sheldon: Screwed."



Maybe that’s my problem I don’t own the handheld vacuum, or the socks,… but my Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box will still work as designed…


OSRAM Lightify put out final firmware for local control via “local” hub for the EOL of summer 2021. Perhaps Wyze needs to release a “local control” hub for AWS cloud offline scenarios or scenarios where hardware is no longer supported?


Osram’s decision to shutter its Lightify cloud servers underlines a difficult truth about smart home gadgets: sooner or later, most of them will become obsolete.

At least they provided a work around for existing devices, and did not just pull the rug out from under the users in the case.

Hopefully Wyze would do something to permit devices still function without Wyze Cloud Services, should the Grim Reaper come for Wyze some day…