Question about if wyze goes out of business

I’ve got a lot of wyze devices (lights (all), plugs, cameras, vacuums, locks etc) around 110 total (not including the new ones I just got and haven’t hooked up yet). But I seen the video talking about their future. I started thinking, what if they go out of business?

Yes I know they have the firmware for the cameras (some, not all yet) so we can use them with other local software and hardware, but what about the other products. Lights, sensors, vacuum etc? Would they release firmware for us to keep using the items or would we be just out of luck?

I hope they keep going, and yes, I know companies go out of business or even just stop supporting their products (errr, Apple and Google) and tell you to just buy something else. But this is the first time that have invested in something that could all stop working the next few minutes.

I am trying to help by using camplus, I have 29 set up, but I also know that could stop if everything dried up.

I was just wondering what everyone else thought or planned on, just in case.

That is easier said than done and unlikely to happen. Personally I’m more worried about a Leviton discontinuing support because I have their switches in my walls. I hope I get off my butt and start putting together a HomeAssistant system with all local control. But I don’t know of any smart vacuums that have it?

Likely not, and even if they did the problems would extend well beyond that. The majority of Wyze ‘smart’ products are controlled, at least to some extent, through their servers. If they go out of business then no servers, no servers equals no functionality. A bunch of people will be, how should I say this? - SOL.

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Apple no longer supports my Newton MessagePad. Welcome to the technology treadmill where obsolescence is a feature, not a bug.

It would be nice if they’d escrow their software and open source it should they fail but why would they?

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I’m concerned about this as well. I’m starting to install Z-wave outlets and light switches to prevent being locked into one ecosystem. I also have Kasa smart plugs which can be activated via scripts on my local network without a need for any cloud. If I had to, I could convert MOST of my Wyze cameras to various RTSP firmwares. I only have two for which that won’t work at the moment.

My Wyze plugs, bulbs and sensors are an entirely different matter. Not sure there would be anyway to salvage them if Wyze falters. There maybe some third party firmware of which I’m unaware but I’m not relying on that. I’m going to diversify away from Wyze because I feel uncomfortable regarding its future.

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