QR Code to Force Camera Into Setup

Hi Wyze.

I think there’s a good bunch of us that place their cameras in hard to reach places. Would it be possible to have a special QR code to force camera to enter setup mode?

I just changed my WiFi settings here and with this feature, I could hace avoided reaching my ladder to tyen reach the cameras, disassemble their cases, press the setup button and redo everything backwards.

Maybe as a safety precaution, have the QR code generated based on the serial number, after first time setup?

This guy published a more fleshed out version of your idea…

Thanks for sharing.

Then some nefarious dude would use it to disable the camera at will. I like @katriik suggestion, “. . have the QR code generated based on the serial number”.
How about:

  1. An app command to reboot to factory default.
  2. F/W updates that don’t require manual upload to the uSD card.

I think you did not read the full post. The guy is recommending exactly the same as I am: have a unique to the camera QR code to self-reset. It’s just more down below its post.

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