Push Notifications @ Account Level Turn Off

Couldn’t find an exact match on the forums. When i wake up everyday my push notifications toggle is turned off at the account level. All of the push notifications are turned on for the camera’s but it seems at some point over night the overall account level toggle gets switched to off and i have no idea why its happening. I consider myself a decently tech minded guy but i just don’t see any option that would toggle it off. Checked my phone as well but can’t seem to find anything.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Welcome to the forums! Do you have any scheduled rules set? You can go into the account link on the lower right and then rule history to see what and when stuff triggered. We can start there… :slight_smile:

Other then 2 rules turning on and off heaters and 1 rule letting me know if my toddler is out of bed… Everything looks ok.

Is it the bell that gets a Zzz next to it?
If you turn it on, the next night it turns off again?

:eyes: Another observation, may want to be a little careful with that. :slight_smile:

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Nope it’s the actual push notifications toggle in account / notifications

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Do you share the main account login/pw with anyone?

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I do

Do or did they turn off the notifications? Notifications follow the account, if another user changes something, whoever uses the same account, it’ll change for them to.

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Awwww that could be it!

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If the fellow user that used the same user name and password doesn’t want notifications but you do, have then turn off app notifications at a phone or device OS level, not in Wyze app. If they turn off notifs in Android or iOS settings for the Wyze app, then it won’t affect other users. :slight_smile:


Nice detective work.

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