Push notification stopped working



My four Wyezcams work fine for a week…but now I do not receive any push notifications on iPhone 6 and the app also crashes often. I tried power cycle, reboot phone, relaunch app, and toggle the push notification switch etc. I really love the camera and want it to work. Any ideas?


Hi, I just tried this trick by logout and login Wyezcam app. The problem solved and I receive push notificaiton!


Sadly that didn’t work for me.


This is also happening to me. The notifications appear in the app but they do not show up as push notifications. I tried logging, reinstalling the app, power cycling the camera, no luck. I also emailed wyzecam a few days ago with no response.


Did you accept push notifications during app install?


Yes. Do you work for Wyzecam?




I didn’t agree to accept push notifications during app install. How do I get back to that part of install so that I can accept push notifications…Thanks.


Logging out and reinstalling the app did work for me, but not for long. I got a couple of notifications and it stopped. (Android) I wonder if it’s simply getting blocked by OS since there are too many events.


I too no longer get push notifications. Samsung S7. Without these, the system has little value to me, otherwise great product.



Why does Wyze puke out product before testing?


$$$ to try and keep the lights on at headquarters.


push notifications never worked for me. I just set up my camera a few days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


not working for me either.

app version: 1.2.76

opened a support ticket FOUR days ago, have not a word back from Wyze Support.

Very poor customer service / support.



Just receied my Wyze Cam last week after delays. I set up the camera and everything seems to be working except receiving Push notifications.

Firmware Version:

App Version: 1.2.76

Device: Wyze Cam v2

Phone O/S: Android