Push notification for sense stopped working

I am having the same issue. I noticed it first 11/11/19 morning as I left to work and didn’t get a notification opening/closing the door. Everything has been working perfectly for the last 2 months. I am sharing my wyze devices with my GF and she receives all the notifications normally.
Restarting app, logging out/in, restarting phone, clearing wyze app cache, clearing wyze app data and cache from system settings, removing app->restarting phone->reinstalling app, moving sensor bridge to another wyze camera, removing and readding one of my two sensors, trying sd maid (3rd party app) to fully remove anything left over when uninstalling an app, changing my android’s DNS, WIFI/LTE… I am out of ideas. I am technical but I am legit out of ideas and believe the issue is on Wyze’s side.
Please note I still get some Wyze Alerts, the ones that are sent when a video is uploaded to the cloud. They are on cool down and I only get those alerts if motion is detected 5 minutes after. But I don’t get constant motion alerts, so something is wrong. Not a single sensor alert, but I can open the app and open door, pull down from the top (refresh), close door, Refresh and see the status change from open -> closed.

Unlocked Samsung S10e Android 9
Wyze v2.5.36

Count me in too. Android 9.0. All of a sudden all notifications from sensors and cameras stopped last night, nothing changed

Hey all!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re actively investigating this and it does seem to be an Android-specific issue. If anyone’s running an iOS and seeing this behavior, please let us know.

For those who noticed their sensor notifications are not coming through, please let me know the ticket number associated with your log submission. If you have not submitted logs through the app, please do so by going to your Account tab in-app -> Help & Feedback -> Report an Issue.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


In the app the individual sensors only show opening of the sensor or motion on the motion detector. It never has shown closed or clear. But it does show what state the sensor is in at the present time on the picture of the sensor at the top of the screen.

Yes. I have spent hours troubleshooting and back and forth with support staff. Big water off time. Glad I checked here.

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Just submitted 2 tickets (one for each sensor) Logs included
[377226] [377228]

Edit: Corrected the first ticket number [377226]


Thank you very much, @Concept1337


WyseKyle. Ticket 377287 :+1:

Ticket 377291. Same issue.

My sense notifications just began working. Randomly… I haven’t done anything on my behalf. Camera motion detection notifications are still broken. I can only receive one per 5 minute window. Basically only get a motion detection notification if its uploaded to the cloud. Uploaded ticket and log for my pan camera [377297]

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Same here, out of the blue started getting push notifications from my sensors along with getting the wait time notification for the contact sensor if the door has been open for a period of time.


Ok, mine are working too. Guess Wyze found a problem on their end.

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Yes same here …
Yippie ki-yay … Thanks Wyze Team !
Don’t go accidentally deleting anymore codes before Christmas … Just joking. :laughing:

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@NumberOne can you brief us on what the problem/fix was?


Just like IT Crowd, “Did you reboot?”

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Love that show

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I just upgraded the firmware on my bridge and now notifications are working again! It showed v0.0.33 and after upgraded showed the same but now all sensors working. Door and motion notification again after two days.


How did you upgrade the bridge if it already had the current version on it?

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Tap on the gear and down near bottom “upgrade firmware” is an option. Just tapped on it and it downloaded and installed again. Everything still working and I emailed support to update my ticket as Problem Resolved

Oh Yeah!! All of a sudden this morning a notification popped up and I said with joy “sweet”. Only because the motion detected was my son leaving for school. :grin: Love the system & now know where to come to see what issues & fixes there are. :+1: