Purple Color Shift



One of my dozen cameras has a permanent purple color tint. Turning on/off night vision does not make it go away, Rebooting power does not make it clear either. It is mounted in a weird location So I didnt really want to re-flash unless necessary.





Mister Chris,

I had the same problem and was told by support that a batch of cameras had a extra strong magnet in the base that was interfering with the IR shutter. I did noticed that if I extended the base all the way, that the problem was relieved to some degree…


This sounds very likely , I will try,.


Thank you , I can confirm this is the issue. The camera was not centered on the base disc and much was overhanging the disc and it was fully seated (lowest position) . By extending the base away from the body cleared the problematic color shift. Thanks again


Thanks @Michael for fielding this one! @Mister Chris, if you would be willing to open a support ticket and tell me the ticket # it gives you I will be happy to get that unit exchanged for you. Same for you Michael, if that was not done already. Exchanging these is optional but I’ll be happy to get you taken care of!