Provide shared user access history in the version 2.x app

I’ve been asking for this feature also since i saw a screenshot long ago of the streaming history.

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How could it possibly take 2 years to bring back the shared user log? Is it available for android, if so I’ll switch phones…thanks

It is not on Android currently either

bring this back, it’s been years.

Any update on this?

@WyzeGwendolyn Is there any update on this?

Come on. Are there any updates on this? This would really be helpful

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would love to see this! please bring it back!

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Hey. Any chance this is coming back soon?

Just asking for any updates on this. Thanks

Any updates please?


Please give updates

Anyone know the status of this? i just had an issue last night and would love to know when and where my cameras are being logged into

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Any news or ETA here? it’s been 3+ years and nothing?

I’d certainly feel more comforted with this option! ESPECIALLY with the solid red light “viewing livestream” has came on Three times-late at night. I only share the app with my husband and his aunt, who lives with us.

Last night just past midnight me and hubby were in back yard checking our a possum that was under our flood drain. Trying to make sure she wasn’t hurt or didn’t have little babies. Upon walking up to the patio we both noticed the cam light was red. Well me an hubby weren’t viewing the live cause we were messing with possum. His aunt had long gone to bed by that point.
Then again tonight, sitting outside and notice the red light on again. So I stare at the camera and after a view seconds of me staring red light went away and the blue light came on. It’s pretty unnerving the more i think about it.

Same issue here. Except I feel like someone is viewing that I didn’t give shared access too. Something like this could help me on confirming this.

The red light also comes on when the camera is recording movement to the cloud. So ironically you moving in front of the camera to view the red light would make the red light come on. It will then stay off for 5 minutes unless you are on Cam Plus, after which it will activate with movement again. With Cam Plus it should activate every time it starts a new recording.