Provide shared user access history in the version 2.x app



With the previous iOS app, we were able to click right above the name of the camera to show all of the shared users for that camera. By clicking on the name of the shared user, we were able to see both the date and the time of day that shared user accessed that camera. This option is no longer present on the current iOS app. 1) Why was this feature removed and 2) Will it be brought back in a future version of the app? Thank you!!

Wyze App v2.0 Launched!

This was removed in the v2.x app. The topic has been added to #roadmap so you can now vote for it (click the VOTE button at the top).


Not sure why they would remove this feature… It doesn’t make sense to have to vote on a feature that was already present before and now removed.


Update: I am told that the shared user access history is being restored in the 2.1 app.