Product request: (physical) Help or Panic Button

Create a tiny push button gadget that can be hung as a necklace. Pressing the button will send a help notification to another person. This is useful for seniors especially when they fall or have a need to call for help.

As we age or have infirmaries, wearing a pendant with a call button would be a good addition to the Wyze lineup of products. Pushing the call button would send a notification that some form of assistance is needed by the wearer. With the addition of the Wyze Sense a button could replace the magnetic sensor and a new produce would be born based on existing technology.

In the lines of the security systems that provide professional monitoring, it’d be great to see something in combination with the sense kit.

If not automatic, at least like a panic button that will trigger an alert to the police.

This will complete the Wyze sense as a wholesome security system.

I would love to see a panic button that you can left in your bedroom, my mom doesn’t want a camera in that place an a panic button will be a great addition, easy to adhere and wit two buttons : EMERGENCY (red ) and green (alert)