Product request: (physical) Help or Panic Button

Create a tiny push button gadget that can be hung as a necklace. Pressing the button will send a help notification to another person. This is useful for seniors especially when they fall or have a need to call for help.

As we age or have infirmaries, wearing a pendant with a call button would be a good addition to the Wyze lineup of products. Pushing the call button would send a notification that some form of assistance is needed by the wearer. With the addition of the Wyze Sense a button could replace the magnetic sensor and a new produce would be born based on existing technology.

In the lines of the security systems that provide professional monitoring, it’d be great to see something in combination with the sense kit.

If not automatic, at least like a panic button that will trigger an alert to the police.

This will complete the Wyze sense as a wholesome security system.

I would love to see a panic button that you can left in your bedroom, my mom doesn’t want a camera in that place an a panic button will be a great addition, easy to adhere and wit two buttons : EMERGENCY (red ) and green (alert)

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I agree with a panic button around the neck. But not as a 911 or emergency call. Just have it turn on the wyze cam and wyze lights and send an alert notification so the caretakers can get notified. Your market is all the baby boomers who are aging and slowly losing their abiities(mental/physical) before needing to go into the nursing home. Their caretakers need to check on them if something happens like falling down or confusion overtakes their thoughts. We could just watch them 24/7 on wyzecam but for privacy or for those moments they need help, a buttton solves those probems. We dont need our aging parents hitting a 911 button everytime they think something is wrong. Also, any wyze employees (over 50?, lol)who have been caretakers will understand. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

I believe something like this would be a GREAT addition to the Wyze product line. Especially with the growing number of tech-savvy elders and their caregiving family. After searching around for this kind of thing myself for my 92-year-old mother-in-law who just moved in with us, there appears to be a real gap in the marketplace for true wifi buttons like this. I would call it a “Wireless Call Button” or “Wireless Help Button” (I think “panic” is a different kind of application that requires a much higher level of reliability and monitoring. But I guess some button is better than no button, regardless of the level of support).

Key features would be:

  • Low-cost (OK, you folks already do well there!)
  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Simple for elderly to press
  • Long battery life (with easily replaceable standard battery)
  • Visual and/or audible feedback so the user knows the button has been pressed (e.g. a red LED lights when it has been pressed and goes out if pressed again (or perhaps long-pressed))
  • Able to be worn as either a bracelet or necklace (lanyard) during the day
  • Able to be stationed securely on a nightstand or bed so it can’t easily be knocked off or lost during the night
  • Easy to find at night (perhaps just glow-in-the-dark plastic would do)
  • Bonus points: Have a way for the app to have it make a sound for easy location when lost

Your existing notification framework would work just fine with this device, but there would be one nice additional feature if possible:

  • Allow notifications to “break through” any “do not disturb” settings. E.g. On the iPhone, text messages that end with “urgent” can break through.

This would allow caregivers the ability to “monitor” an elderly parent, for example, overnight without having to be disturbed by other notifications. A similar exception for motion detection on cameras or movement sensors would also be nice.

It would be great to have a physical button that triggers an app alarm for disabled and elderly users to contact care takers, or simply someone that wants to quickly connect to an app user from home. With voice and sound integrated to work as an intercom.

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Hi all, i’m new to this forum, just got my Wyze cams with sensors and bulbs,
Thanks Waze for your awesome products and service.

Not sure if this has already been posted, but is Waze planning on any products for the monitoring of elderly people?

For example, my father is a heart/lung patient.
I would like to set up a few wazecams at his house and give him a necklace or bracelet with a button that calls for help / turns on his waze cams for me in my app or sends a notification to my waze account that he needs help.

I could then remotely log into my waze app and see if he’s OK, or otherwise alert a neighbor and call for help/ambulance. There are many existing solutions that use a phone line, but they have no integration with a camera. And it would be nice to have everything under one app as well, without subscription fees.

How would you go about this situation? Maybe the waze bracelet offers a possible solution?

With the new emergency button on the cameras, how spa stand alone in house emergency button. Wife has medical issues and a service dog and we’d love to have something in case wife passed out so dog could alert authorities and have medical on the way.