Problems Displaying Continuous Camera Feed on Google Nest/Home Hub

What works for me is changing the resolution in the app. This triggers something to get the stream back. Annoying but it works.

Interesting. Which resolution works best for you? I haven’t really tried anything beyond SD for mine. I might have to experiment tonight.

I go from 360 to SD, or SD to 360. HD doesn’t work for me.

Me too. I’m using the Pan Cam and a small Nest Hub over a Google WiFi LAN. The stream runs for 5 to 10 minutes then drops out. Is this a camera, networking or smart display problem?

PS: The Wyze Pan Cam stream won’t show up on the Google Home app the way other cameras can.

The 10 minute time is by design.

I did see that note. I’d rather set it and let the stream run.

Past few months, I’ve had the same problem with any 6 of my V2 cams. streaming to my Google home hub.
Worked fine after 30 seconds over the summer.

But now it just gets the lack continuous streaming screen like everyone. I even went down to 360p from mobile app
As well as relinking the integration.


I am having the exact same issue. I just bought a nest hub today and properly setup my two v2’s and one Pancam through the google home app. If i try to display any of the cameras I just get the black screen that says “Playing Smart Home Camera” but nothing happens (even after 5 minutes). I had it work once or twice but it’s obviously glitchy. Not very happy with Wyze’s support of this issue, especially because they boast that it works. Please fix…


I had this problem for a while too, but just in the past few days it’s begun working better with Nest Hub. Still takes about 30 seconds to show the stream but at least it finally gets there now.

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I have this issue. Any resolution?

I have the same issue as XMastaTaZX

Exact same issue here too. HD settings on both my cameras but only one of them ever works after about 1-2 minutes of waiting, the other will just keep flickering the black screen with the search cursor going from right to left.

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How is waiting 30 seconds to a couple minutes considered “working”?

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I have the Wyse Cam Pan installed. It will not stream any video feed on my Google Home Hub Max display. I just get a black screen with some play controls but no video. The video works great on the Wyse app.

My cams have same problems for last couple months. Shows that black screen playback controls. Will sometimes flash a pic (very very short, less than a second) as it loops and loops on black screen
Unlinking, linking, reloading apps no fix.
Wyze app working fine entire time.

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Soooooo…Wyze, what is the fix? The app works great, but really disappointed that I only get the same black screen as everyone else… please help

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Same issue for myself; two new Wyze Cam v2 today; fully updated. Contact Wyze Support, initial thought is my network is congested and need to change my channel:

“Okay, so it looks like you have high network utilization, and channel congestion. Your router and connectivity would benefit if you change your router channel to: 6.”

After I advised them of this link to Google issue they are now transferring my ticket to email to a product specialist.

“Okay, what I can do is transfer this over to email and escalate it to a product specialist who will have more insight and be able to assist you further. Is there anything else I can assist you with before doing this?”

At least Wyze are now aware and trying to help, not sure how or when they will fix this issue.


Come on Wyze, why is so difficult for you to fix, this is an ongoing issue. I specifically bought your cameras to view on my Google Home Hub…

Zero communication…

Terrible customer service, stop focusing on new product and fix what you already have.


Same problem here! I have two Wyze Cam v2 cameras and one Cam Pan. The Google Home Hub Max takes randomly between 30 seconds and forever to display any video. Additionally with the Cam Pan every time the camera moves there is a delay in displaying the video. The Wyze cameras are pretty cool, specially considering the value for the price. I do think if you advertise the cameras will work with something, like the Google Hub Max, well, they should. In my case if I want to see something on the cameras, it’s NOW, not after 30 seconds or more. Please fix this problem and let us know the solution.