Problems buying more Sense [ Mod Edit: Resolved]

I went to the website on the app on my Samsung J3.
They were there. I put 4 Contact Sensor kits in my cart.
Went to fill out the form.
It’s got the most awful interface. I want it shipped to my summer house where I’ll be next week.
It pulls up an interface giving me options to draw and covers up most of the screen.
So I figure fine, order it on my laptop.
That brings up the “Pre-order has ended.” page.
So I figure I 'll order it on my Amazon Fire.
That brings up the shop page but nothing Sense.
I clear the cache.
Still only V2, Pan, protector, mounting kits and SD card - NO SENSE.
So I go back to my J3 and fight through the dippy interface.
Less determined customers would have quit.

Should be there at noon eastern time

At 12:37 EDT 504 error on laptop, still only 6 items on Fire, full up order menu on J3.

iOS I ordered mine. :disappointed:

FWIW I went through a couple rounds of errors trying to add items to my cart (even though on the last try it actually added them despite the error). Two more errors trying to process the order but on the third try it went through and I got a confirmation.

I suspect it’s just a timing thing with all the new store/website pieces going into place and lots of people trying to order at the same time.

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Even at 09:52 Pacific the Beta App times out when placing the order, and the Web app returns error 504. Ordering system may be overloaded.

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I just checked again, now not showing at all on Wyze shop page. Wow…crazy

I agree, I posted so Wyze would know there are problems across different platforms,

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Just ordered three more sets. I was having the same issue of the Sense not showing on the Wyze app. I refreshed the screen two or three times and Boom… there they were.

*On my phone (LG) I have to drag down-ward to refresh, may be different on your phone.

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This has been fixed! We are testing the products so we are flipping the pages on and off, earlier we got a lot of traffic issues due to volume but that is now resolved as well. You may now purchase from the app and on the website.

It’s bad when you open a new sales line but you can’t get the door open for customers :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick response @WyzeMark I had trouble getting responses from both the web and mobile apps (error code 504 on web, spinning gear on mobile). Ultimately, two orders were placed when I intended one. Wyze customer support (always fast, courteous and helpful) helped with cancelling one of those orders. Since I have email confirmation from Wyze about the one cancellation, all is OK – however, while the web app does show the cancellation, the mobile app shows that second erroneous order as “Pending”. There is a synchronization problem between the two apps Re order status.