Problem with WyzeCams when returning home

OK - here’s my WyzeFlow - when I leave my house, I turn on “Detects Motion” and “Detects Sound” on my two WyzeCams. One is a Wyze Cam V2 (firmware and one is Wyze Cam Pan (firmware Both are set to “Send push notification”.

Here’s my problem - while I’m gone I receive notifications from both cams, no problem. When I return home, before entering the house (usually from out front, in range of my home network), I go in to the software on my Android to turn off the detection of motion and sound on both cameras. Here’s where it gets flaky. When I go in to the Wyze app to deactivate the settings, the first time I open them, the motion and sounds settings are greyed out, as if I had never turned them on when I left. I have to go out of the Event Recording Settings, and come back in a second, and sometimes a third, time, for the settings to show as turned on (which indeed they are, but not showing correctly).

This is getting very frustrating, because I can never quite trust that the settings had been activated when I left the house. This makes absolutely no sense, and my guess is that it’s a bug. Android version is the latest update from April 2019, running on a Galaxy J3.

Hey there Jbourke,

Wyze cams support IFTTT, so you should totally use and This way it automatically does this when entering/exiting an area.

For now, you should restart both cameras and reinstall the Wyze app. If this doesn’t work, let us know.


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Thanks Keener. I’ll try that tomorrow.

Joe Bourke

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Sounds great.

Let us know how it goes.