Problem: Record from SD card not saving to Album

Trying to download a portion of video from a continuous recording on an SD card in a V2 cam.

The video counter starts on pressing record, stops on pressing it again but no pop up saying it was saved to Album and nothing in Album. Used to work previously.

The ‘Take Photo’ button does work and save the snapshot to the Album

Anyone have any idea why the video isn’t saving?

Had a similar problem with a batch of V3’s but it was reported fixed.

Something I have noticed about this… when I save a recording to the album with my iPad it is not in the album if I try to view it from my iPhone and vice versa.

Um, why would it be? The album is local to the device…

I suppose if you have iCloud synching turned on then it should be on both though.

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Are you looking at the camera album? Or the album on you individual device? Manually saving from the app saves to your device. If you are in the iPad and save a clip, it should be on your iPad,. If you use an iPhone and save a clip, it’ll be on your iphone. Unless you sync your devices somehow.

Edit, jinx! Didn’t notice that @customer was typing the same thing at the same time.

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Wanted to add … if I record video from the live stream, it does save to the Album, the problem is only when trying to record in playback mode

Hi I just started having the same issue on my Pan Zoom cam. It don’t record in playback to album, doesn’t pop up messages saying save. But if I save picture from playback it shows message and save to album.

In live view it works.

Everything works before app update.

I’m on Samsung android
Pan cam firmware

Anyone started have save issue on Pan cam.