Problem logging into multiple cameras

That was the same error I was getting until I loaded the latest Beta, Android v2.5.33,
I’ve 4 V2 cameras in a group on a DSL w/ 6 meg down, ,5 to ,7 meg up. Viewing my cams on my Samsung J3, android 7.1.1 was terrible, I’d call the group up and often 2 of the 4 would fail step 3 and I get the connection errors.


makes me hope the fiber comes close to me, But it is what it is,

I put a support ticket in … will do the troubleshooting with them tonight. Maybe they need to address a similar fix for iOS?

I did the Wyze systems test and they came back and told me “port 80” has to be opened. That’s very generic. I have four cameras with four IP addresses internally. I can’t open port 80 to forward to all four… just one. So that makes no sense to me. I’m waiting for tech to respond. Has anyone else ever done their troubleshooting app? It’s so bizarre…

I have been successfully summoned! But it sounds like @mam361 is already in contact with the people they need to be talking to. I’m less experienced with ports (though I know that 80 needs to be open) so I’m not super helpful here. :slight_smile:

Why are you filtering ports?

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A good vintage port aged in the bottle may have sediment.


Then one should carefully decant the wine, leaving the sediment in the bottle :smiley::wine_glass:


“Why are you filtering ports?” … what do you mean?

This made is sound like you were filtering ports.

I’m not purposefully filtering ports… From what I know about ports on a router … you can open a port for communication for a particular IP on your network. It’s a forward. So when you hit your IP address from the outside it forwards to the port.

I don’t know much more about port restrictions… which is what I suspect they’re talking about here.

I have a comcast tech coming out tomorrow with a new modem/router and will discuss this with them.

You don’t have to port forward either. Port forwarding is when you want someone outside your network to be able to initiate a connection inside your network. The cameras inside your network will open whatever external connections they need, so port forwarding is not required.

When you are outside your network looking at your cams, you are actually just connecting to the Wyze servers, who in turn communicate with your cams using connections the cams made. So no external source ever has to be the one to initiate the connection.

Sounds like you aren’t doing port filtering, and you don’t need to do port forwarding. You just need a normally configured router.

Hope that new router fixes your problem!


That makes sense yes. It’s odd because NONE of my other devices have this issue. We shall see. New router coming today. :slight_smile: