Privacy concerns


Amazon was busted recently for having complete access to ring cameras live feeds, and recorded data. They could literally watch any of your recordings, and know who the recording belonged to. They also are NOT storing their video recordings encrypted. Hackers paradise there. Does anyone know how Wyze stores our video data? Who within Wyze has access to view videos and is that video tied in any way to our information?


(This was found with a quick search in the Support section at the top)


but there still isn’t 2FA yet…


The policy does not address the following questions

  • Are the cloud recordings encrypted at rest
  • Who at Wyze has access to those recordings?
  • Can anyone at Wyze access the camera?


The beauty of Wyze is to use MicroSD card. Sooner than later, you’d be able to backup all footage to your NAS. Is there a reason users solely rely on the cloud solution when 64GB MicroSD is one time fee of $13 with 24/7 recording, rather than bits and pieces to the cloud?


For most users, being notified is important vs scanning days of SD card video footage. The most obvious and easiest way to get notifications is using the functionality built into the cameras and app. That puts the vast majority of users in the same camp with the same privacy concerns.


Why would you want to scan 24/7 footage recorded on MicroSD? Isn’t there’s a notification to warn a user exactly when detection of motion/sound took place on timeline? There’s a delay and limitation when it comes to “records events only”. This is the sole reason why Nest records 24/7.