Prevent motion event due to lighting changes

Seems like there should be a way to prevent an event from being recorded when there’s obviously no motion but a change in lighting, such as a nearby light being turned off or on.

AI should be smart enough to understand when every single pixel changes, that it’s likely NOT motion. I’ve set the sensitivity to the lowest possible setting and still get events caused by changes in lighting.

With v3 it seems to be worse because of the improved light sensitivity.

Is there a solution?


Revisiting detection zone settings, sensitivity settings, camera mount and location. You may want to look into getting a camera with a pir detection system or using say a sense motion sensor to trigger your cameras. Some ideas…

I’ve reviewed the zone detection settings, I have small area set for detection and have sensitivity set at the lowest possible setting… PIR would be a work around to the problem real problem.
AI should be smart enough to know when every pixel changes simultaneously it’s not due to motion, but due to lighting change

Yeah this is a big issue and I get this type of clip everyday.

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Hello Dear,

I have also this type of problem face it that’s why will tell some information so you can solve your problem . In that case, PIR could be used as a workaround. It’s not motion when every pixel changes at the same time, but lighting. AI should know this. Motion detection works by detecting motion in a predetermined area, like a doorway, that you select. When the camera software compares sequential images from your video and enough of the pixels have changed, it determines something is moving and sends you an alert.

Thank You.

I agree, the AI in Cam Plus should be developed to handle this. It ‘kinda’ does by letting you filter notifications by person, etc. But it should be developed to tell the same scene only brighter or dimmer is not movement.

But a PIR sense motion sensor should get you around it until then.

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