Prevent deleted cloud footage with reset/stolen Wyze cam

If a Wyze cam gets stolen and reset, all cloud footage is lost. I know this isn’t meant to be a security camera but this could potentially I.D. an intruder/thief.

what footage makes it to the cloud in the for of the 12 second clips is not lost if you camera is reset. that is linked with your account, not your camera. but it has to do a full upload to the cloud. if the camera is pulled and losses power before it can complete the upload you’ll never have that clip.

Actually, unless it’s been changed, setting up a camera to a different account deletes any cloud clips for that camera, making them inaccessible in the original account. I believe Wyze was considering changing this at one point, but has not done so yet as far as I know.

How would we verify this?
If the cam is turned off, unplugged, or doesn’t have wifi; the clips are still accessible for viewing in the app. (I just verified they are) that is as long as the cam hasn’t been removed from your account.
I can see how the clips could be deleted if the cam was registered to a different account, that is if Wyze only allows storage based on the cams current account it’s registered to. (Hoping the new account doesn’t get past saved clips access in the event it was stolen)
It would make more sense to me if clips were stored to the account and stayed there for the 14 days no matter the cams registered account.

I agree that it would be nice if the clips stayed with the account even if the camera is transferred to another account. I just don’t think it works that way.

And no, if a camera is transferred to another account, the new account does NOT have access to the clips recorded under the old account, they just disappear.

As for how to test it… simple (not necessarily easy)… create a 2nd Wyze account using a different email. Take an existing camera that has some clips in the cloud, and set it up to the new account. Then log out and back into the original account and see if the clips are still there. I don’t think they will be.

I did this very experiment a while back and that was the result. As I said, “unless it’s changed”, that’s how it works. If I remember, I’ll do the experiment again to be sure (unless you beat me to it).

Before I try the experiment, one more question. Will the cam automatically be deleted from the app if the cam is registered to a different account?

This happened to me when I reset one of my Wyze cams, so I can confirm this happens. Wyze cam started acting buggy error code 90 after unplugging it from power(cat knocked it to the ground few times so I wont blame the camera). Anyway after resetting the camera, I looked back in my account and all the events from the camera were gone, didn’t bother to check the sd card though.

Yes it will. When done with the experiment, you will need to set it up again under the original account.

I stand corrected . thank you good sir

I just re-did the experiment and confirmed what I said above. When you set up a camera to a new account, the cloud clips are gone from the old account and the camera is no longer visible in the old account. I am not sure it’s even feasible to retain the old clips in the old account after the camera is “gone” because when the camera gets deleted from the old account, there is no longer any reference to it, and hence nothing to tie the id’s of the old clips to.


thank you


Good to know this. This makes the Max Drive (real time recording) very important for those of us who use WYZE for home security. Strongly recommend that the cloud video from a cam not be wiped if camera is stolen. Those 12 second recordings may contain vital info to resolve a crime.


This feature is even more important now that the MaxDrive has been indefinitely delayed/cancelled. During the Wyze Bulb AMA it was mentioned that the MaxDrive was dead, I asked if it was just delayed or completely scrapped but didn’t get a response.