Preorder Access to Canadians

I really love your products but it’s really upsetting that I as a Canadian cannot get access to preorder new product. And then we have to wait for the product to release and pay the extra cost on Amazon.

Is there anything you can do for the Canadian Wyze customers?


They’re working on it. They found a retailer in Canada to be able to allow this, so it’ll be available early next year they think.

For now you can use a re-shipper service like everyone else in Canada does. There are companies where you ship it to them and they re-ship it to your canadian address and it comes to you just fine. Just have to pay slightly more for reshipping services.


Thank you carverofchoice. Do you know any good and cheap reshippers?

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Sorry, I don’t. I haven’t paid close attention to this since I live in the USA, but I do know some people have posted suggestions in other posts. Perhaps someone else will chime in with some suggestions. I just know they exist and others have said they use them fairly regularly to get around this issue for now.

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While not being a canadian, I certainly can identify.

not used as I am in the US. Can review this: to check.


Welcome to the Wyze community @shrohit.25!
Wyze is working on shipping to Canada! This should be available soon!
Please note that products that are shipped outside of the US will have their warranty invalidated(meaning replacements can not be given). Wyze is not responsible if the shipping service loses, damages or takes the package.


Does this have voice to text?

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Why would product sent outside of the US have their warranty invalidated? Nobody does this.
Wyze stands behind the product and that standard 1 year warranty should be valid whether purchased through Wyze Store or distribution channels like The ONLY difference here is that the items would be shipped from Wyze Store direct to the customer.
Please explain the reasoning behind such a policy.

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Liability and quality control. Problems could’ve been caused by the 3rd party reshipper, and to ensure they can’t be held liable to governments for supporting devices and implying they are bypassing legal tariff and device compliance laws. By refusing warranty, they can show in court they aren’t encouraging or helping break the law and can’t held responsible in any way for not going through the proper bureaucratic channels first.

It’s mostly legal protection for themselves.

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Anyone have an answer on if this has voice to text?

There is no microphone in the watch, so definitely not possible. Will have to use your phone or bluetooth headphones connected to your phone to do it all that way, not using the watch at all with voice.

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The main reason I’m told (though I think it likely that carverofchoice is also partially correct) is that we can’t ship directly to Canada. We’ll totally offer support through our support team! But if you need a warranty replacement, we can’t get it to you unless you have an address in our shipping zone that could then forward it to you. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and greatly look forward to Canadian shipping being up and running later. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply.

Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Obviously you can’t cover the warranty if you can’t ship it there. Makes a lot of sense!

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If you live not to far from the border, even in that case they can reship I think, there is kinek point. They receive your package at the border for minimal fee, mine 5$US/month, so you can cross the border, and not paying duty if it’s in your exemption (200 $cad 24 hrs, 80´$cad 48 hrs…). Normally the shipping and duty cover a large part of the gas to go from Montreal and I pass a weekend in Burlington VT. You should try!

Any updates on the shipping to Canada?

Welcome @titiaju!
This is the most recent update:


So, if you can’t wait for Wyze to come to Canada and will be using a reshipper STAY AWAY FROM Shipito!!!
I hope Wyze sorts everything out soon and get to Canada! It’s quite annoying paying so much more to get their products in Amazon.

Do NOT use Shipito!