Other cameras are somehow “pre-recording” a few seconds, so when an alert is triggered it actually has footage of a couple of seconds before it was triggered. Really helps to see the exact moment of the event without having to record everything before it.

When an event crosses a minute boundary

I’m not really sure what you’re asking for here. Do you want to be able to configure what 12 seconds are actually uploaded to the AWS cloud? The default behavior on the Wyze cameras is to give you footage of what happened just before the event notification was triggered. Are you also using an SD card in the camera ?


Hello! Well I had a foscam camera before this one and in it you can enable or disable prerecord. Alarm videos using this feature included a few seconds of activity before the event was triggered.

If this is a feature in Wyze cams, I don’t see it. At least not in cloud videos (I just got an sd for it).

For example, when my cat passes by the detection zone, the old camera would record the cat approach the zone, pass by it, and leave. In the same scenario, my Wyze only shows the cat leaving, so it’s harder to make out what happened.

Might it be a misconfiguration on my side?



OK, I think I understand now. The cat might not have activated the motion detection until it was half-way, or mostly across the monitored area. It might have to do with the sensitivity and detection zone you set for each camera. You ARE supposed to see what happened just before the triggered event in the alert notification. You should also see the same behavior if you use the “Record on Event” setting for the SD card. This page might answer your question. :slight_smile:


I also have a Foscam (Cube C1-v2) camera the settings look like the picture i inserted. ALL security camera’s have this feature from high end Avigilon to the lo end (Hikvision) . The free dvr apps like ContaCam, iSpy and even yawcam all have this feature. I’m sorry if you didn’t understand the question but it would be better if you did ask one of your developers or a sales manager they’ll know. I didn’t even realize that Wyze didn’t have the feature until i read this post and i thought no way.



Hi, @cometothedarkside4it. Not sure if you are addressing me, but I’m not a Wyze employee, I’m a volunteer mod. If you are interested in this feature being added, then please vote at the top left so Wyze can gauge interest in it. :slight_smile: