Very unhappy with WYZE…never received my 47 WYZE watch and paid for it. They have been ignoring my complaints for the past 2 weeks. It said it was shipped on April 18th and never received it and never got a straight answer on when I was supposed to get it. Will never buy from Wyze again. This has been an awful experience.

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I blame FedEx Smart Post, they lose my packages regularly. They’ll say they delivered it to my doorstep, but I have cameras everywhere, so they lied. Sometimes I think they might have delivered it to the wrong house (and sometimes they do), but then other times it just comes to my house 3 weeks later, and they still don’t update the tracker (it still says I got it a month ago…the liars), and sometimes it shows up from the Federal USPS instead a week or two later with a completely different tracking number and tracking route and history of stops and locations, indicating that fedex lied the entire time they gave me a totally separate route and confirmation of delivery, which they never actually did. FedEx just lies to me over and over again and refuses to look into it, telling us to just contact the sellers, who then always tell us that fedex loses tons of their packages, and it’s easier for them to just ship a replacement because when they ask FedEx to do an “investigation” on the shipment, it never goes anywhere.

So, to me, in my opinion, FedEx just needs to be shut down and put out of business because they’re being overwhelmingly fraudulent lying about shipments and tracking as it appears to me. That’s why I keep suggesting Wyze choose a different company for shipping now.

I think Wyze is first waiting to see what happens with your watch because too often FedEx just delivers something a month after they “Claim” they delivered it, so it might still show up eventually. Again, that’s mostly FedEx’s fault, not Wyze’s, but Wyze does hold some responsibility because they keep choosing to use FedEx when they could’ve chosen another. So if you don’t get your watch soon, they should probably just replace it.

How likely is it that a porch-pirate stole it? Do you have cameras watching your porch?

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If it was shipped on the 18th it might still be arriving sometime soon.

I appreciate the time put into your response, but they did reply once to my issue but it made little sense to me.

Apr 10, 2021, 9:22 AM PDT

Hi Gregory,

Thank you for reaching out to the Wyze Wizards team. My name is Julius, and I will be happy to explain. I understand that you received a notification that order has been shipped but tracking does not shows the delivery service is yet to received the item.

We have been made aware that a select few Wyze Watch 47 preorders have received shipping confirmations without their devices actually being ready to ship. This is due to labels being created a little too early in our warehouses.

We still plan to ship these devices out before the beginning of April, but we will need another week or two to process our inventory and prepare these packages before they can start traveling to you. We’re super sorry about the early notification here and we will put steps in place to avoid this in the future. Please be on the lookout for your package to arrive between early to mid April.

We’re so sorry for any confusion and the inconvenience this may have caused. Should you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know, I’d be glad to assist you further.

Thanks, and have great day!
Julius | Wyze Wizard

Note the date this was sent and verbage sent in the email. It doesn’t add up and I’ve gotten nothing telling me were my order is in there system since.

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Got an email stating it was shipped on the 18th but when I check the tracking number…it says it has never left their facility???

This is from today.

Delivery date information will be available once details are provided by the carrier.

Ready To Go

Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the USPS facility. Please check back soon!

  • usps

Tracking Number


This means that it’s possible that your watch is one of these, but it’s not definite. This is just one reason. @carverofchoice is right about the occasional issues with FedEx. I would suggest waiting a little longer, the watch will definitely be shipped if it hasn’t already.
Edit: it looks like it’s being shipped by USPS.
It’s possible that your order had the shipping notification sent early. Sometimes packages will end up at the post office, but they won’t be scanned in(especially at later hours or on the weekend) so the tracking information won’t be updated. Again, keep waiting for about a week and I’m sure you see updates. Hopefully your preorder arrives soon!

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Not going to hold my breath…but thank you for the info. At this point am just angry and want an honest answer. Am getting the impression that Wyze doesn’t know their head from their back side.

Let me rephrase that. I don’t believe the Wyze orders dept knows their head from their back side. The products themselves are great. I own multiple cameras, bulbs, a scale. Love all of them! But this watch experience has been less than desirable.

Yeah, FedEx “Smart Post” is a weird partnership between FedEx and USPS, so sometimes it is fully done by one or the other or half by each, and sometimes they each use a different tracking number and tracking info. It’s really confusing and disorganized…but it is cheaper than using either them alone directly, which is why Wyze uses it, especially since people already get pretty upset about shipping costs. It does often take longer to receive the package though because they do whatever is going to be cheapest (which sometimes delays the delivery a little).

I think you explained the issues fairly well though. We often get notified about our product “shipping” as soon as the shipping label is created, but the product itself hasn’t actually been sent out yet. This has happened to me several times. When I check the tracking through the shipping company’s official website, I find it sometimes doesn’t actually ship out for a while after I was notified my product has “shipped” but that it was just the shipping label was created, and hasn’t been dropped off to the shipping company (or picked up by them) yet.

It does appear that for this case, the shipping label was created, but the package hasn’t yet shipped. So this could be a Wyze delay issue (maybe their supply was short and they had to wait for the next shipment or something?).


HOWEVER, I have also seen this same thing happen (USPS say it hasn’t shipped yet), and then suddenly FedEx delivers it to my door with a totally different tracking number while the USPS number still shows it never left the facility yet. So it is entirely possible it’s actually in transit and FedEx just decided to use their own tracking and that number was never shared here. Happened to me that way several times (and in reverse…both showing different tracking info). Did I mention I hate the chaotic nature of the USPS/FedEx Smart Post relationship? I can never trust anything their tracking says.

(For the record, my uncle is in FedEx Leadership, worked for them for his entire adult life, and I still have no problem saying how much I despise FedEx Smart Post)

Forgive the rant, but you can tell how much trouble I’ve had with FedEx Smart Post in the last 3 years…In contrast, I have never “lost” an amazon package. I once had a delivery swapped between a neighbor and myself, but we just swapped back. Out of several hundreds of Amazon deliveries, I’ve had half of one issue (a fraction of a percent), FedEx Smart Post is at least 50%+ that have issues. (and UPS has 0 issues that I can think of, but they’re not as commonly used either)

The frustration is real. I can accept delays and be understanding about them. What I don’t appreciate is Wyze not knowing where THEIR product is and not being able to give me a straight answer when I might get it…especially after I paid for it. I just want answers…that’s it. Even if it from a Covid outbreak…I would get it. Give me something…but they are silent.

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Yeah, I empathize. As you can tell by my posts, I’ve totally been there multiple times, and like you said, the frustration is real. Not sure I can say anything to particularly help with that, though I understand sometimes it’s nice to vent out the frustration. :slight_smile: I guess, just keep us updated if/when you do hear something or get some resolution.

I am guessing that since you got an email stating it was shipped on the 18th, but the tracking number shows otherwise, that it is one of those situations that happened to me where the real package has a different tracking number attached to it. If it really did ship on the 18th, then in my experience you’re most likely to get it sometime next week, or the week after. That’s not uncommon for me with FedEx Smart Post. They have taken a month before after it finally ships though, but it’s usually within 1-2 weeks and not too often more than 3.

If you don’t mind checking back in a week, I’d be interested to hear if it came in, and if it has a different tracking label on it, and if so, is it a different USPS tracking number or different FedEx one, and who delivered it? That might all be a lot to remember or pay attention to, but it would be interesting to me since I’ve sort of been keeping track of some of these issues so I can push my Uncle to help influence changes with this nightmare system they (FedEx Smart Post) run. :slight_smile:

I will keep you updated for sure!

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the item may have shipped from the wyze distributor and is still on route to usps. usps tends to be more reliable than fedex.

Update… Still no watch and still no answers from customer service.

Have you been provided with a tracking number?I would also suggest calling for a better response.
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I received a tracking number on March 18th. Thank you, will give them a call.

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i preordered many months ago a Wyze watch 47mm and a Doorbell ( both took way longer than expected), first they sent them both together, but on the tracking some how those products never reached destination and sent back to wyze, i sent a few emails and they sent them back as a replacement ( thats the term they used) and the same happened again, i sent a couple of emails that never got answered, and still i dont get what i ordered, the weirdest part is that is the same address i receive almost daily stuff from amazon, even when i preordered both were on amazon pay method

can someone help me out
Order is 009220383

Good idea to register your delivery address with UPS and FedEx. You’ll be notified when something is being shipped to your address and can hold or direct your shipment to another pick up point, unless someone else has already done this. . . Amazon has their own shiping and delivery system.

UPS Informed delivery: (UPS My Choice® | UPS Services - United States)
USPS: Informed Delivery
FedEx: FedEx Delivery Manager | FedEx


Thanks for this! I knew about UPS’s and use theirs, I am glad to see this for FedEx too, which I was unaware of (I usually just go add each individual package to give me updates when I know something is coming, didn’t know I could tell them to do it for all packages automatically). Great helpful post!

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Update - I finally received my watch on 5/9, delivered by USPS. USPS was how the first one said it was shipped and I never received it. I had to call customer service to make any headway on the matter. That seems to be the way to go because emailing doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.