Pre ordered Wyze Watch - Waited 5 months to find out Wyze canceled my order and took my money

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone waited for Wyze product for almost 5 months and get an email from Wyze saying they canceled your order? The payment was taken back in Dec 1st and now they are saying that they don’t have my payment information. How is this possible? One of the leading tech companies loses the payment information only after 5 months? It doesn’t make any sense except they cannot fulfill the obligation. It is very odd to me why they are doing this. Has anyone got a similar email from Wyze? Thanks.


Thank you for sharing. I got the same response. Thank you again.

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I just received the same message. I am displease with this action and am very unhappy. Wyze invoice clearly shows I have paid. This appear to be …


I also received that email. Payment was made when the order was placed on Dec 1, 2020. Was expecting the watch to ship mid May.

Looks like an error. I got the same email too. Hope @WyzeTeam will resolve this issue soon.

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I thought the same… Thanks!

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