Powering outdoor cam full time

Any risk with putting the new outdoor cam on power all the time. I plan to put one outdoor but close the available power switch.


It could expose the USB port to moisture because you have to leave the rubber port cover open to connect the power cable.
Other than that there is no reason the camera couldn’t be powered at all times.


wonder if sealing the cable in with silicone would help it retain its waterproof capabilities

Jason posts a Wyze link here that says it straight up voids your warranty. First I’ve seen that in writing.

“No, this will void the camera’s Limited Warranty. Do not run continuous power to your Wyze Cam Outdoor while it is outdoors. Doing so is considered misuse, and will invalidate the camera’s warranty…”

Of course it would but there is also a power switch that gets exposed when the rubber cover is open.

None of us worried about voiding the warranty on the V2 or Pan when we put them outside. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m Canadian. I don’t have warranty beyond the Amazon 30 days anyway.


There is a risk of leaving the camera plugged in all the time. If you would like to vote on a second version of the camera that is made to be plugged in you can do that here: Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 Ideas

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I installed the regular WYZE Cam 2v outside and above my 3 car garage in March. It has been working great except when they updated the firmware recently and it stopped recording events. We just unplugged and plugged it and it is working fine again.

I bought the weather proof cover from Amazon for this camera and it works just as well. The cost for this way is much cheaper.