Power Over Ethernet Setup (PoE)


Nice video.
You didn’t mention if you powered the PoE 48V power supply from a surge protector. That small addition would be advisable to prevent a surge on the power line from possibly damaging all of the PoE-supplied cameras.

Someone reported that all their cameras blew at the same time using poe

I currently do not have a surge protector on it. I’m looking into using a small UPS battery/surge protector for it.

I’ve had this setup since February. No issues so far. I imagine there can be soo many factors as to why that happened for that person. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to me but, if it does I will surely report it on here.

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Post in which all cameras were fried. He/she used same POE injector as Nesto with very similar splitters. Surge protector sounds like a great idea.