Power Over Ethernet (POE) capable

True on all points.

Would be a nice feature.

I solved my over crowed WiFi situation by installing commercial Omada access points and controller. Was actually much cheaper than most “home” network setups.

Have a ton of features I don’t use but allows you to adjust the power output of both 5 & 2.4 radios on each access point.

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I’m using Unifi access points, and they work pretty well. But I literally want to put a Wyze cam inside my metal mailbox, and no WiFi is going to get through that!

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If you’re bored or know someone who likes fixing things. You can add an external antenna which is small enough to run out of the mailbox without being noticeable.

I would much rather connect all my wyze cams via PoE. Wifi is great for outdoors or a quick spy cam setup, but I would much rather have PoE so I can use the highest resolution without any camera freezing. Plus a lot of people have a much faster home network at 10gigs. I know some people are wanting wyze to have a 4k camera, but that would be hard if you have 4 or more cams set up on wifi only. Wyze could create something like this for a PoE 4k camera at half the cost.

If the splitter does not carry data, it makes no sense and it’s even expensive because when you buy one at 9dollar plus tax for just a camera, it’s bogus. Cost of 4 of the splitters can buy you onvif nvr that works better with onvif camera.

Having a bad day?

Never said it was the best solution just that it’s a solution if it meets their need.

I agree with @jd11. A splitter is good for someone who might only need Power to USB for a long run. As everyone already knows, the included usb power cord is very short. I am not sure how the older wyze cams could convert from wifi only to wifi/ethernet with a new adapter from wyze, buts it’s possible if the usb connections on the motherboard already had the circuitry for it. Maybe wyze could chime in and let us know if it does?

I also would like to have Wyze come out with one. However, I don’t stream my video to the Web. I record everything to BlueIris and if Wyze puts the dumb 5 minute event timer on it I want purchase them.

I have one of the Amcrest cameras you linked above. also have 5 Wyze and 5 Reolink cameras. The biggest issue I have with the Amcrest is their user interface sort of sux. Both Wyze and Reolink have much better interfaces.

I use amcrest too and have a 5 port PoE for them. There are not PTZ but I set it and forget it. So far they are working great with no issues. @jd11 have you tried NetCam Studio? I don’t even use amcrest software unless I need to set it up. NCS allows you to add all different brands of cameras in one place including Wyze. I have this topic discussing how to setup wyze v2 and campans with NCS.

Haven’t tried “Netcam Studio” but will give it a look.

I did give Wyze RTSP firmware a spin a while back. Did fine set to HD with my setup but I want the ability to check my doors from my phone without opening my firewall to a web server in my house. I just let the big cameras do the heavy recording in case I really have an issue.

I’m running a TP-Link OC200 with 3 eap225 APs in the house so no issues with wireless. Turns out the commercial stuff was cheaper than the “Home Wifi” setups and I literally never have to restart it.

As I side note. I login to the computer running BlueIris about once a month to make sure Windows hasn’t done what it does best. Crashed! :slight_smile:

@jd11 You have a nice setup too. With NTS you do have to set up your router’s firewall settings for pass through to view remotely. ATT is pretty easy to setup in their router. NTS has a nice app too that you can use, just like wyze or amcrest. The setup is cumbersome but in the end its worth it. You can use RTSP, Onvif, etc. I have 10 cameras, amcrest, foscam, wyze and also usb. You can even use your iphone (pretty neat if you need a quick cam setup) using the smartcam app.

I have been using a Foscam R2, outside, with PoE for 6 months now. 18 degree weather and huge thunderstorms. Works great.

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