Power Over Ethernet (POE) capable

There are already a number of manufacturers who provide PoE-to-USB power taps. Just use Google to search for POE to USB adapter. The costs range from $10 to $129.

I have my POE cabers (not Wyze) connected to switches that are connected to UPS, so I get the backup that I require. Works wonderfully and would be great with Wyze if they actually added hard connections with POE support.

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The point should not be that you have to go out an but yet another splitter. Have a camera that is hard wired with POE, especially if intended for outdoor security use. In these camera’s you can even remove the WiFi capability (making them more secure) and enable easy setup over the wired network.

I suspect you could get massive business for home owners wanting perimeter cameras. I currently have 5 such units at one home and 4 at another. They are good cameras but cost a crazy amount to buy.


I have many POE cameras already installed all around my house, connected to a hard drive / hub (as many people do since they have been selling these kits at Costco for years). I just want to be able to replace those old cameras with the Wyze Outdoor cameras. So the Ethernet would be plugged directly into the Wyze Outdoor Cams, and all the cameras would be plugged into a hub, then the hub is plugged into the internet (with an SD card somewhere). This way, I don’t have to worry about batteries. For the engineers at Wyze, this seems to be an easy one (much easier than the outdoor cam they already created, which I ordered, and which will be great for certain situations, but not ideal for multi-camera continuous security surveillance where you want to set it and forget it).


Just to keep this request alive :slight_smile: I think many people would be happy with an outdoor V2 (or a V3 ?) with a POE port at the back : D


They should release a POE base as a separate device. Cat cable plugs into base, base has a micro USB connector to connect to camera.


As an owner of the new Outdoor Cam, I’d really appreciate if the base unit had PoE. My router is in the back of my house and plugging in the base near my router only receives a “weak” signal. But there are no outlets near the front of my house and I had to run both a 25’ ethernet cable and 25’ extension cord so I could relocate the base at the front of my house so it was close enough to the Outdoor Cam to get a “strong” signal. PoE would have allowed me the flexibility to only run a single cable. This would be a great option in V2.


Here’s another vote for a true POE/RTSP camera, e.g. not using a power extractor, and with data transferred over Ethernet. I have 7 security cameras around my house, and places for 3-4 more, plus my parents’ house with spots for 9 cameras, and they’re all wired up for POE.

Motion detection on my existing cameras is horrible, because they pick up shadows and swaying trees, etc. I would replace them all with a true POE Wyze cam if such a camera were available.


Hey everyone, I don’t know if it is true but this article about the V3 mentioned that a PoE accessory is coming. Hopefully we can see this!


Hope so but if your in a hurry you can use this one. I have and it works like a charm.

yea, but it doesnt support data.

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I have no need for data over mine with my Wyze cameras but other people on Amazon who have reviewed it say it will work at 10/100mbs but will not support 1000mbs. The issue is they are not auto sensing so you have to set your switch to 100mbs or buy a 100mbs switch.

I would test if for you but I no longer have a 100mbs switch and none of my Gig switches are manageable.

jd11, the POE extractor will carry data, but the WyzeCam won’t send any over the USB link.

I’d like to see POE support with data and I would replace all my current cameras with the Wyze V3 with a POE add-on.


I am on my 2nd round of external cameras from another vendor -Zmodo.

I started with wireless but as the neighborhood we built in grew so did the wireless traffic causing many drop and quality issues. I also have numerous switches, plugs, lights and amazon alexa units. All this technology adds up to way too much wireless traffic to support 12 720p full-time camera streams.

They came out with a v3 of their sPOE camera last year which does video and data. Standard ethernet head that plugs to the sPOE switch but the camera end is micro-usb.

These cameras have provided flawless full-time recording on the NVR.

However…they are twice the cost of WYZE…and with my 1st wireless set I had to RMA 4 cameras within a year and with this new set…just a year old… I am sending one back that lost is IR at night.

Their high camera fail rate coupled with their lack of supporting a credit card secured cross-ship replacement lead me on a search for possible replacements…which via a lot of research…has lead me to WYZE.

The POE ( data and power) ability is key for me to switch as I learned wireless just won’t meet my needs.

For me, even if the cost for a WYZE POE (data and power) increased $10-$20 it would be worth it.

Looking forward to the time that POE (data and power) moves off the wishlist! :grinning:


I have 3 cams mounted around my garage. I ran a cat6 cable and have a Google Wifi in my garage just for those cams. I would love POE as the connection gets sketchy out there. I have a few 4port 10MB POE hubs I could use.


@WyzeGwendolyn Do you know if the current Wyze Cam V3’s could be updated with a firmware update to allow for both power and data transfer with PoE through an adapter? I’m moving in a few months, and would like to set up cameras all around the house tied into an NVR, and would prefer to use Wyze over something like Reolink or Lorex. Thanks!


Power line Ethernet will help the large Amount of people who don’t use WiFi do to large building or just thick walls,
This should have power adapters that plug into new or existing cameras, and a update later it can watch a stream of your cameras through computer or phone.

I use power line adapters due to the bricks in the house.

I can imagine a wyze cam that can connect with 200 feet of extension cable. Dream bigger


You may want to order one of these from Amazon and see if it works. If not you can return it.

DSLRKIT Active PoE Splitter 48V to 5V 5.2V 2.4A USB Type A Female 802.3af for Tablet

I power a V3 and V2 with them. They only support 10/100 ethernet and all my switches are un-managed 1 Gig so I can’t test the network portion. There is a review on Amazon which indicates it will work if you set the port to 100 meg. The guy writing the review said it didn’t auto between 100 and 1 Gig; however it may auto between 100/10.


The limitation of any kind of external adapter solution is that it doesn’t solve the WiFi/data problem. I have several applications where WiFi just doesn’t work, such as way out at the back of my property, and inside my mailbox. True POE transfers power AND data over the Ethernet cable.

I suppose it’s remotely possible that the v3 has hardware that could support data transfer over USB, if it could be enabled in firmware, After all the v2 could be flashed to behave as a webcam, although the was through the Type A port, not the micro Type B port.

But the correct solution is to have a different model that has a true Ethernet jack (and water-resistant cable sleeve) for POE. I would pay $35/each for about 6 of these right now.