Power Over Ethernet (POE) capable

Another vote for the PoE capability. I know I can do it with adapters, but I think it would be better if it were native to the device.

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Not only would POE allow power away from receptacles and improve weak internet/data signals. Most importantly for me and many of us dabbling or switching over to Wyze cams it would allow us to record 24/7 to a NVR and eliminate the need to stream to the cloud or “small” sd cards. Recording and viewing to a CCTV style network would drastically reduce the amount of DATA these cameras “can” eat up in a short period. What’s the point of having 1080p on a camera if your ISP puts a 1TB data cap on your plan? I’ve been monitoring my data usage like a hawk and its unreal how much data a wyze camera at 1080p will use as baby monitor through the wyze app. I’ve recently stepped down to the 360p and turned off all recordings to help reduce data usage.

Bottomline POE, more versatile, more reliable, more secure, only use data when viewing outside of home network.

P.S. We would also like a 2 stage authentication factor for logging in. :grin:


POE for outdoor cameras!

If this solution was for a medium to large sized organization, it would make sense for PoE camera to join a pre-existing network. For a population of non-upper income households, who are purchasing these low-cost and high value Wyze solutions, adding PoE for voltage drops and Wifi signal issues, seems to over complicate and greatly reduces the dollars to benefit ratio in my opinion.

Honestly, I have installed 15 to 58 feet of USB power cables to my 11 outdoor Wyzecam without issues. I have over 38 - 48 Wifi connected devices depending on who’s home at any moment on both 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands on a single point consumer router for 3,500 sq ft home.

Keeping it simple makes business sense to me to appeal to this targeted market sector that Wyze has chosen.

Wifi Camera + USB cable(s) + power supply = $20 ish
Three devices to maintain, warranty and support for operations.

Can you imagine the customer support call with a Baby Boomer to debug a 8 camera PoE system that her son visiting installed for her birthday?

Even if Full PoE isn’t an option, have a certified Wyze compatible dongle to convert PoE to the correct USB. This would at least give that as an option to those whom are already wired for ethernet.

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The problem is that the USB cables don’t withstand certain environments as well as Ethernet. Plus if your USB cable catches fire, your SOL on insurance covering it, whereas plenum rated ethernet is totally safe (its what its designed for).

I’m just sharing my thoughts and not imposing this on anyone.

It sounds like you might be thinking of the NEC wiring code for commercial buildings that use an HVAC plenum return air for the data cabling pathway.

Plenum-rated cable means the levels of toxicity in the smoke would be lower since plenum cable is coated with a jacket that is typically made of flame-resistant material such as Teflon. This special jacketing makes the cable smoke less than regular PVC cable and the smoke that is emitted is less toxic because it still burns.

However, in a residential, single family home, the likely hood, most cables will be attached to a wooden frame is high and the cable will be destroyed if there is a fire. In addition, the NEC wiring code does not require plenum-rate cabling and thus not a factor for most residential insurance issues.

Plenum-rate cabling is also much higher dollar cost than non-plenum rated cabling, which is otherwise known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cable, which is much higher than USB cabling per linear foot in price with terminations. Most US homes are filled with PVC coated wiring in most electrical appliances, devices and computer accessories resulting in the same toxicity levels of smoke during a fire event.

I sell PoE security solutions for a living, I choose Wyze, because commercial solutions are beyond my residential needs.

The installed (equipment only) dollars changes the decision dynamics for me and applying business financial rules around USB vs PoE for a $20 to $37 camera - the answer is USB by a factor of 5 from end-point to end-point. (I’m including the 5e twisted pair, injector, switch, dongles, RJ-45 ends and crimpers because most non-technical people do not own)

Applying the family acceptance factor - who uses, who can repair, who can maintain if I’m no longer alive or capable, is a “back-slap of the head” answer. KISS wins 100% of the time for me.

Yup you are correct (but I think the rules are slightly different in Canada). Although, I purchased plenum rated ethernet for my office and it wasn’t significantly more expensive (something like $30 extra for a full 1000ft vs non rated version). Luckily, being an IT guy, I do have all of those tools, and thinking forward, many MANY new homes are now coming with Cat5/6 cables pre-installed in many of the common security locations. The main factor for me, USB simply isn’t rated for long runs (16ft max), so PoE would still be the better/safer option in my personal opinion.

Yes, USB cables for the purpose of transmitting data streams are limited to 16 feet. However, since we are only transmitting 5v DC power, so we are only concerned with the USB cable’s as well as any twisted pair’s wire gauge size, because of the transmission line losses.

It sounds like, you are worried about Crosstalk, it’s just that for this use it doesn’t apply for just voltage transmission. For this purpose, it is more important to reduce the voltage drop due to the length of the run. To solve this problem the criteria is wire thickness, composition, and the power source’s ability to provide ample supply to compensate the distance.

One last point, when creating a POE solution, we introduce a larger number of potential failure points to triage in the future.

WiFi fails a lot more of the time than a hardwired connection and is overall less reliable and is the source of all current network problems that we have on wyze products.

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I totally agree with you!

Ever since all those features that everybody has been requesting to be pushed into the Wyze Cam, it has become very unstable and unreliable for a Wi-Fi connection.

It was so Simple and stable before before all those updates.

I’m glad you noticed.

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Wyze should consider different tiers of camera products, with escalating functionalities and appropriate pricing structures.

The original Wyze platform, was brilliant, so much so we are all benefiting from the simplicity of their first original plan.

However, with all these new added functionality across-the-board and product lines things have changed and we no longer have dependability, But it seems more the company is playing to investors, to show them an increase in breath and product line.

I hope Wyze goes back to its foundation or roots, before it gets lost.

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I would also like this option, just way easier for me to run poe than usb.


I have 500 feet of cat6 in search of a problem :wink:


Go for it! Just stay healthy so you can maintain it operation, because in my family, any customize solution I create, no one else would touch it.


To be fair, heh, no one in my family would know how to hook up a wyze cam in standard fashion lol

My rudimentary IT skills is witchcraft to them lol

I am a software dev by trade but still

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Someone needs to create a 4k outdoor camera that is powered with POE. Maybe one that can record to a NAS device instead of an SD card. I have to many WiFi devices on my network.

You can get a splitter…I know it would be more elegant too be integrated, but…


this is not functional though because of the fact that this only provides power to the camera and not data support

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I mean, you can get POE (power over Ethernet) with an adapter, you just can’t get internet. That being said, does it have the pins for it? Is it just a firmware upgrade or is it a new hardware upgrade?