Power Over Ethernet (POE) capable


Would love to see future iterations of the cam support POE. This would be very beneficial for outdoor cams where the WiFi signal must go through exterior walls and deal with potentially much further distances. Also, would make replacing current camera systems (which often have POE) with Wyze Cams in the future. And obviously, makes it less complicated to use ethernet over WiFi.

Support for PoE and Ethernet connection through USB

Wyze should support PoE and Ethernet through the USB port. For the moment, Wi-Fi is mandatory to get the cam connected to the cloud or interact with any other device on the network. It would be easier to install and potentially more reliable if we could use Power over Ethernet with a converter to power the device and using the Ethernet cable to carry also the connection.


Don’t change the wifi feature for configuration, but provide PoE for power initially, then once configured, use PoE connection. You guys are running some sort of stripped down linux right? BTW, love the camera (small one). I have 5xACTi E77s (PoE-based). I would rather replace them with Wyze.


This would be perfect! I’d give this feature request 1,00,000 votes if I could! I want to plug in an RJ45 to USB adapter and have this thing be able to connect to my network, and also to be able to disable the WiFi. This plus RTSP would make Wyze the go to sleek camera that would be good enough for almost all indoor use. After that, just make sure a factory reset would re-enables WiFi.


Honestly I don’t mind using the USB adapter as a power injector as long as Ethernet can be hard wired.
Look at the Google Chromecast Ethernet power adapter as an example.

USB-C might be a better connector for this as well.
Dedicated POE would be ideal but I would most like to see a hard-wired option first using the USB port.