Power from USB port in surge protector?


I purchased a surge protector from Lowe’s that I want to use for my WyzeCam Pan, though I have not yet used it…because I wanted to ask the Wyze community about it first. It is rated at 1200 joules and has two 5VDC / 2.1 amp USB charging ports. My question is this: Can I plug the WyzeCam Pan directly into one of the USB ports, without using the charging block that came with the Pan? I will only be using the one USB port. Thanks for any clarification.


Yes, 2.1 amps is plenty. The power block that comes with the V2 is 1amp and the one that comes with the Pan is 2amp.


Thank you! I also feel more assurance having my WyzeCam Pan plugged into a surge protector with power filtration.

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BTW, a little off topic, but with all the gadgets we have plugged in nowadays, a whole house surge protector is, I think, a good investment.

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