Power Fail Restart?


I admit, I’m a newby to Wyzecam. Is there anyway to get my Wyzecam to restart & reconnect automatically after a power failure? Just noticed that the camera was not on or operational and had to go thru the unplug/replug/reconnect to wifi setup. I don’t have an SDcard inserted. Is there anyway to get this thing to automatically resume when power is restored? Awesome little inexpensive device otherwise.


Is this a one time occurrence or every time you unplug it? I’ve got 5 V2’s and they reconnect fine. I have SD cards, but that shouldn’t matter.


This is the very first time it has happened. So now I am wondering what might have been different in my case. I did change out a wifi extender nearby 2 weeks earlier but I see motion detection videos after that. (This time I put it on my Guest network broadcast by my main router…) I checked the windows event log and didn’t see anything else strange that day except the power blackout. Mine also says Wyze Cam v2 on the bottom… So I will just keep a closer eye on it. It does get warm when it is operating. Thanks for letting me know that it SHOULD restart. :slight_smile:


You can test to see if it was a one time event by unplugging the camera, leave it for a minute and plug it back in. It may have been glitches by the power failure voltage variation. It should reconnect automatically and you should not have to set it up anew.

If you see it trying to connect but it will not, try tapping the gear icon, then Reset Device. This occurs over a different comm channel than the live stream and may get you back in business without having to physically touch the camera.

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That is very handy to know, that camera control is communicated differently than live view.




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