Power converter


Is there a way to convert the power end of a CCTV cable to power wyze camera. I have a night owl system thoughtout my house and want to use existing cable runs.


If your CCTV cams run off 12VDC, you can use an approach like this:

Or like this:


Yes I know about the power supply. I can inject 5v to the cable. I guess the question should have been is there a way to adapt the cable end to connect to the camera.


No! That’s not what the posts said. DON’T inject 5V to the cable. Leave the cable carrying 12VDC from the CCTV cam supplies. At the far end (the Wyzecam end) of the CCTV cable, convert the 12VDC to 5VDC. If you use an automotive dash cam converter, the output voltage (5VDC) will be on a short microUSB cable that you can plug directly into the Wyzecam. Easy-peasy!