Possible meteorite (extremely small) in Mazatlán

Early morning on August 15th 2022, I happened to be awake and saw something streak through the sky just outside our condo. I checked my wyze cams later that day and confirmed that I saw a tiny meteorite come across just off our balcony, and hit the water and skipped a few times.


Did you go look for it on the beach or in the surf?


Wow! So cool you caught it on the cam!

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Give that meteorite a speeding ticket :police_car: :police_car: :policeman:


Actually I did (do), knowing full well that the chances of finding this are slim to none. We walk the beach almost every morning, whenever we head south towards where the skipping stopped I keep an eye out, problem being this thing would likely be the size of a pebble. =)


Interesting. Looked like it bounced a few times too. A metal detector could find it.