Position keeps resetting



I move the camera to where I want it to view and a few seconds later it resets back to the original position. Is that the expected behavior? I want to stay pointing where I set it. And not move until I move it.


I have the same issue with my 2 Cam Pans. Asked in the forum but didn’t get useful reply. Opened a ticket for this.

Discovered we can change the default home position by setting waypoint position. The waypoint position selected and saved will become the new home position. If we move the camera to any position, it will go back to this new home position in about 15 seconds.


That is good to know. I will try that. I did not know I set a way point. Must have been when I was trying out the features on the app.


That works … thanks catcat


Welcome! But the camera should stay @ the position we move it to instead of going back to home position in 15 seconds.


See catcat1386’s later post from the thread below it is the ONLY thing that worked for me to fix this: