Portrait vs. Landscapae view on Tablet



Just installed two V2 cams. All is well except when I open my Samsung galaxy Note 10.1, the initial screen is in portrait view indicating the two cams. When I tap the one camera it opens in landscape view but cannot view it as it is immediately rotated. When I rotate the tablet to view it in Landscape it rotates to tablet view…

The only way to see it is in portrait view.


In the top right corner of the video frame there is a small icon: a box with open sides. Tap that and see if that will switch you to the proper view.


I can tap it (the open box symbol) while in portrait view and it will rotate to landscape mode but upside down.

I then try rotating it and I can only view it correctly in portrait view.

However…I just tried tapping the icon while the tablet is sitting flat down, and IT WILL open the view to the correct landscape mode and maintain it while sloped up slightly to view it.

It must be something with the gyro on the tablet coinciding with the software only when starting from a flat position.


Thanks RickO for the valuable insight. Will look into Samsung forums for any info.


This worked out well for now.

Thanks, Pete