Portable Display or Viewer (as dedicated Baby Monitor)

My thinking is they could easily have it be more than a “baby monitor”
It would be a wyze control hub, with a larger screen than phones have, you could more easily have controls for all your wyze devices on the screen at once, could mount it on a wall by the door(or anywhere) and use it like a virtual window/peephole with wyze doorbell or cameras.
There are cheap tablets retailing for $30-50 depending on size. Wyze could have one of these designs customized, strip out whatever hardware and software they don’t need, and add an upgraded version of the wyze software designed for the larger screen.

I agree and would love to be able to monitor all my (6) cameras on one screen in my office.
Talk about convenience, everyone should want one of these instead of calling up each camera on its own.

VERY good idea. I like it. I’d buy one to support the idea and Wyze’s investment in the effort.