Portable Display or Viewer (as dedicated Baby Monitor)

I know that many, including myself, use wyse cams as baby monitors. I wish there was a portable display that we could leave with babysitters as well as have on the nightstand at night. I know this would not be anything that would happen soon, but I think this is something that is missing to fully get into that market.

Must have features:
Volume control
turn off display option without killing audio

Ideal features:
2-way audio support
multi-camera/split screen view
white noise maker through camera
battery pack

I use a tablet… But with the latest app 2.0 update when I open the wyzecam app, it keeps crashing on its own. Once they get it to work with the Google Assistant then you can use displays like the Google home hub to display the camera… Hopefully there will not at time limit of viewing the camera though.

Also this post might help…
Suggest me a Good baby monitor?

I’d like to see a “picture frame”-type viewer product that could be placed on a shelf/fireplace mantle or something. The viewer would be configured to either receive a live feed of the camera(s) or simply be refreshed at certain intervals or even refreshed on event triggers.

I’m sure I can come up with something using third-party apps/hardware, but I’m sure a native Wyze-made product would be more slick & reliable.

You could just get a cheap tablet or a phone and use it as a viewer. It might work better than a wyze dedicated product.

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Ya, I could - but because of bandwidth issues where I’d want to use this, I only want the frame to periodically fetch updates at given intervals. Plus, given their track record, I’m sure a Wyze product would be even cheaper than a “cheap tablet” :slight_smile:

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Seems like a lot of people want extended viewing of a camera within their home network as baby monitors or front door surveillance.

Perhaps Wyze could develop an inexpensive screen, similar to the 7" Fire tablet, to continuously show the stream from a camera. And possibly with an overlay to show alerts and notifications.

I’d like to see a screen with a couple of configurable buttons, Something like the Wink Relay (super cool, but poorly implemented and discontinued) .

Wishlist Features:

  • View Live feeds automatically via motion or sensor triggers
  • Integrate with future video door bell with Chime+Video
  • As close to zero latency as possible
  • Use Buttons to trigger Wyze Smart Home Actions (IFTTT too)
  • Access and Control of Wyze Smart home devices via touchscreen.
  • Portable (Battery Powered + AC Adapter)
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While an official product would be amazing, it’s such a niche request that I doubt we’ll ever see this on the Wyze roadmap. With this in mind, I still wanted to use a Wyze cam as a baby monitor, and have a dedicated monitor for it that was as easy to use as a normal baby monitor. Sure, you can use an android tablet and the official app, but I find it somewhat cumbersome to need to turn on the tablet, launch an app, and specifically connect to the camera’s feed when a traditional baby monitor just displays the camera feed by default. The following configuration method could be used to achieve something pretty close to a traditional baby monitor:

  • Install the Wyzecam RTSP firmware
  • Create a Raspberry Pi RTSP Camera Viewer, you will need an Raspberry Pi V3b or greater, and an external display such as the RP 7 inch touch panel. I recommend this one, as cases are available that already have the rear mount necessary to accommodate the pi. A RPi V2 or lower would likely work, but if you want sound then only the V3 has built in bluetooth that could be configured to pair up with an external speaker.

I won’t go into detail on how to set things up from here, because the video makes it pretty easy to setup and I think it’s pretty self explanatory otherwise. There’s also a lot of customization to this basic setup that could be made, like PoE, built in speaker, etc… Hopefully this helps someone at least get started in the right direction. Without Wyze RTSP firmware, this would be impossible, so huge thanks to them for supporting this very niche option, and hopefully they’ll continue to support it into the forseeable future. Too bad it’s not part of the main firmware as an advanced toggle that’s off by default.

Came on here to request the same thing! I’m glad others want this to happen also. They could sell it as a standalone add on to those that already have cameras or as a package that could be marketed as their own baby monitor. That way it wouldn’t just be ‘niche’. I have the echo show 8” and a 5” but these don’t work well for long-term viewing and I don’t want to put it on my nightstand. Also, they aren’t portable. Wyze could make one that let you view all your cameras or put it in a mode to only show the one you want to use as a baby monitor.

I just had a conversation with my friend who’s husband is in care facility. He is still mobile, but with his dementia, he doesn’t answer the phone often, nor be able to use computer etc. With COVID19 lockdown, she can’t even visit her husband at the care facility anymore, and I just thought this would be a great help for someone in the similar situation.

Idea is basically like a Wyze camera with display attached. User (my friend) will use Wyze app like when she checks the Wyze camera, and when she opens the device, it will initiate a video chat. Her husband can see her on the display attached to the camera, and hear her voice, he does not have to press answer button, etc.

It can be used as baby camera, senior care or pet camera, and with the current ability of Wyze software, it can have audio detection that can send warning 10 sec video clip so user can check for baby crying etc.

I looked around a device like that, and I only find baby camera, or a software solution that the receiving end has to do some operation…

I think you should make a standalone monitor for your cameras with a touchscreen so I can see the output of your cameras, probably similar in size to an Alexa show 8/10", but dedicated to viewing cameras

We have been looking into the google nest so we can see all our cameras on a small tablet but the only issue we seem to find with the hub/nests out there is that they are stationary, you can move them but you have to unplug and move to a different room. If Wyze could make a hub that is portable so you don’t have to have one in every room of your house that has a rechargeable battery that would be amazing. And the prices of the nest/hubs are outrageous. Maybe a tablet type that has a base that you can place the tablet on when you move from room to room. Bases could be sold separately so you can just detach the tablet and move it to whatever room you are in.