Portable Display (as dedicated Baby Monitor)

I know that many, including myself, use wyse cams as baby monitors. I wish there was a portable display that we could leave with babysitters as well as have on the nightstand at night. I know this would not be anything that would happen soon, but I think this is something that is missing to fully get into that market.

Must have features:
Volume control
turn off display option without killing audio

Ideal features:
2-way audio support
multi-camera/split screen view
white noise maker through camera
battery pack

I use a tablet… But with the latest app 2.0 update when I open the wyzecam app, it keeps crashing on its own. Once they get it to work with the Google Assistant then you can use displays like the Google home hub to display the camera… Hopefully there will not at time limit of viewing the camera though.

Also this post might help…
Suggest me a Good baby monitor?