Popup Ads in App Really?

Well said , I have cam plus on all of my cameras but I still get bombarded with the advertisements for Cam plus and it can be a bit annoying . When i was with Ring , I didn’t even get 1 single app pop up telling me about their subscription.

I understand that Cam Plus is what Wyze raises funds through , but like you said @secondary_2g it discourages folks to switch over to the subscription plan.

Seems to me it does more harm than good…


Thanks @Rulwiz ,

Important point about their revenue stream, which I get entirely. Everyone wants a healthy Wyze for continuity as well as cool new products.

Sounds like we both arrive at similar conclusion that Wyze should be more tactful in their approach, however. Perhaps a monthly or bi-monthly reminder nag, or even a counter after viewing (100) or so event clips. Better still, a 1-time popup with each update of the app. Shouldn’t resemble the old “I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you., ibid.” annoy gag as it does presently… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Incredible that you ALREADY SUBSCRIBE COMPREHENSIVELY and STILL GET ADS. Proves that the current campaign is mindless diarrhea (OR a serious bug in the app). Personally, the periodic emails & forum announcements are all that I require for product awareness. Wyze must be made to realize that only a certain segment of their customer base will ever subscribe. I’m immune to all advertising saturation of the day. It’s just rude badgering. I’m the guy at the car dealership who will just walk away and never return if pushed too far.

All my notifications are turned off and this junk pops up every time I open the section to see the recorded vids. What’s the point of turning it off when you overwrite it with your bs pop ups trying to make more bucks. Fix this bs. Tired of all the spam from wyze.


Hey! I am also that guy. We are that guy.

One more makes a forum quorum. :slight_smile:


I agree that these ads must go! If they don’t them I’m considering getting rid of Wyze


Are you still seeing them? I believe they were fixed the other day

You are correct. I was coming back from vacation and did not access my cameras until this message.

I got a pop up this morning again when accessing my events tab

I got several today… Also when accessing my clips.

Screen captures helpful in pinning down why. Wyze has disabled these as far as they know, but may still be leaks they haven’t thought of in the code.


This is just now so it’s not fixed. I don’t need to see this every time I am accessing my clips. Pure spam.


Again today


Got one browsing through cloud clips yesterday. None today doing same. :person_shrugging:



Whoops. Got one later in the day when first tapping the ‘Events’ tab in another session.


Me too… Just now while browsing my events.

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And this crap!

I get it, the company wants more money like everyone else but there’s a reason I don’t buy it cuz I don’t want it. Quit forcing it on me.


And if you keep it up, you’ll lose whatever revenue you’ve already got from us, present & future. Bugger off, already.

I encourage folks to mention these pop ups in their rating comments in either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Of course, censorship might follow there… :roll_eyes:


Sounds as if it’s getting worse. I held off chiming in with this (because Wyze should chill with the popups) but good old TinyCam Pro never shows me an ad with anything and dutifully displays my Wyze feed and cloud recordings…


Thanks @Customer ,

I’ve heard about tinycam, but I haven’t set it up yet.

Off hand, can you also control things like bulbs and the ancillary products outside of cams themselves?

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Nope, and I can see how that could be a big limitation. However, personally I just use Alexa (app and voice) for all of that, including Wyze bulbs and plugs.

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Mmmm… Yeah, no voice activated assistants for me. Life has enough eavesdropping in it already :smile:

EDIT-1: So, potentially, you could run the apps in parallel and only use the actual Wyze when configuring other devices, rules, schedules, and such. Tiny cam could then be for routine footage viewing. Wyze would effectively be phasing themselves out of their own app utilization. Good luck getting clicks, metrics and popping ads at that point… :man_shrugging:t2:

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